Music Lab Melody
by Musicware
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286/386 (or newer) computer with sound card, microphone, hard disk and VGA or later monitor.

Last Updated: 1999-09-07
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Software Description

Music Lab Melody is designed to teach music literacy: the ability to read and write music, to know and sing sounds that are notated and to notate musical sounds that are heard, thought or remembered.

Included are eight interrelated units that develop the complete music student:

  • SING teaches in-tune singing and pitch accuracy
  • NOTES focuses on the staff, key signatures, notes and solfeggio (DO, RE, MI).
  • NAMES concentrates on pitch recognition.
  • ECHO teaches accuracy in rhythmic perception and response.
  • PLAY teaches rhythm reading.
  • NOTATE teaches rhythm writing.
  • READ and WRITE combine all skills into successful sight-singing and melodic dictation.

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Harmony software

I'm interested in Music Lab Harmony
Is it available?

music lab melody

I am unable to download the demo. What are the costs of this software. Will this be of help to a music major "wanna be" who has difficulty singing in tune?

music lab

How come I would not download the "music lab" to my PC ? Error message are shown below,

IMPORTANT! Your browser should activate the downloading process automatically in less than 30 seconds. If your browser reports that it could not find the File, Directory, or Host then please click on the button below to notify us - doing so will return you to the download links page.

Let me first taste the Ware!

The subject says it all. I cannot download your software.

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