Music MasterWorks v3.92
by Aspire Software
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Operating System:
File Size: 2.8 MB 2.3 MB
License Conditions:

Registration: US$34.95

System Requirements:

MIDI Soundcard; 24MB

Last Updated: 2007-02-22
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Software Description

Music MasterWorks creates, sequences, composes, edits and prints MIDI music.


  • MIDI & Audio recording and playback
  • Easy MIDI editing in either staff or piano roll notation
  • Printing music in either staff or piano roll notation
  • Voice-to-Note conversion. Just sing into your microphone to create tunes!
  • Configurable Keys
  • Instrument Selection
  • 'Basic Mode' so you don't need to worry about channels or tracks
  • Time/Key signature and tempo changes
  • Special Effect Controller editing in a graph window
  • Filtered editing and viewing, showing any combination of tracks/channels/instruments
  • Wide variety of note durations, including 64th notes and triplets
  • Chord iteration
  • Transpose and Quantize
  • Editing of Lyrics
  • Web page music features: volume change by % and midi file append

New in v3.92

  • Improved voice-to-note conversion.

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Lack of Unlock Code (Bad Support Service!)

I purchased MMW 3.92 version, and according to the official site "You can install each purchased software license on up to 3 computers at a time". The program was installed in my old computer and when I asked for a new unlock code (by e-mail) for installing it in my new computer the code was never sent by support.

They said I could use MMW 3.94 "full" version (which does not require an unlock code), but that version does not work properly. I sent several e-mails to support service but received no answers at all. Should that be a honest software I would receive complete instructions on how to install it "on up to 3 computers" with a single unlock code - or supplementary codes should be sent by e-mail. I am still waiting for an answer from "support" (order # 2008-0819-2055-56-820 - ID 3921544).

music masterworks

Hi, does anyone know how to position the staves on music masterworks so that it plays 'ragtime'. Musicmasterworks is quite an indepth musical program and I can't belive there is not a technique or option for doing this....any help would be incredibly appreciated, if only to save me from tearing my hair out! Cheers


Very cool

Very easy to use, I give it a thumbs up!

Zip Archive is just Fine!

I chose the UK download site and the ZIP downloaded just fine.

As far as what features you get when you register: the program is fully functional for 45 days
so you can try everything out first.

And as far as that last post goes, the zip should fit onto a 1.44MB disk.

--the author

question about music masterwarks

I need to know what featurs the full version of music masterworks is going to have over the trial version

i think that this is very important to know before purchacing the software

i will be pleased if you e-mail me with some information about the full version

thank you

Zip Archive Problem

Hmmm ! There seems to be a problem with the zipped archive, when downloaded 2 kb the downloading stops, telling me that the archive is corrupt ! You should check this and upload a WORKING file ! I will now be searching somewhere else...

Too big for a disk!

It is rather difficult to download a program such as this to a 1.3 someodd MB disk when it is much bigger than that, and already compressed! What am I to do, I guess I have to get internet up and running at home. I will soon, so don't you worry about me. I'm just a simply complicated guy trying to write a Windows 95 RPG; "Wrath of the Crusarians" and I need a good midi editor, other midi editors on the net either don't work or don't have a save function unless you register! I'll get by. Don't worry about me.

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