Music Math v4.0
by Laurent Colson
(Laurent Colson Website)

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Last Updated: 2007-10-25
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

Music Math is a freeware which convert musical values. You can calculate the time stretching to use on a sample if you change the tempo for another, or the number of semi-tone to transpose, the time stretching to apply if you transpose a sample and you don't want to change the duration, the delay in ms to synchronise with BPM, and a tap delay function. Tap the beat on you keyboard, and the software tell you what is your tempo (you can calculate the rhythm of your heart too, but it's not the real use !).

Music-Math features 7 conversion functions:

  • Tempo: computes the equivalent duration for original and new tempos
  • Transpose: converts semitones to Time Stretching values
  • Delay: convert tempo to musical duration (ms) or equivalent frequencies (Hz); i.e., for LFOs rates.
  • Tap: Tap in the tempo
  • Samples: convert duration (in samples) to tempo or tempo to sample duration.
  • Notes: convert MIDI notes to equivalent frequencies (Hz)
  • SMPTE: add or substract SMPTE value

New in this version:

This new version is now Universal Binary to support new Intel based Macs and adds the following features:

  • Values in Hertz and in Ms can be modified in Delay module to obtain the tempo
  • The result in the Tap Tempo module can be copied as global tempo.
  • Bug fixing in SMPTE calculation.
  • New icon from Kevan.
  • Localized version in one application.

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