Musolomo v1.1.0
by Plasq
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Donations can be made to the software developer if you enjoy it.

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AU host application.

Last Updated: 2005-03-15
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Software Description

As seen in Hitsquad's Top 10 Free VST/AU Virtual Instruments For Macintosh

Musolomo is an Audio Unit plugin for Mac OS X. It allows real-time sampling and playback in a unique way. Musolomo was conceived as a musicians version of the lomo camera- a quick and easy way to capture moments in time. However, don't be decieved. Musolomo is immensly powerful, accurate and flexible.


  • Sample, copy, and erase without the need to look at a computer screen.
  • Peripheral vision feedback design (the flashing border)
  • Record and play sync before and after play and record!
  • Revolutionary Digi Skip technology, allowing time-jumping
  • Speedster inspired technology for timestretching to
    host tempo, re-pitching

  • Legato, Bo, Scratchet, tape speed and (the cool) Freeze
  • Autolooper allowing very easy on-the-fly loop making
  • Play through modes great for 'break-downs'
  • Handy in-built help screen
  • MIDI-assignable

Manual avilable here.

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In this version: bug fixes and the huge feature addition of drag'n'drop sample adding.

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disk image is damaged

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