My First Step Sequencer v1.0.1
by ndc Plugs
(ndc Plugs Website)

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VST host application

Last Updated: 2006-05-08
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Software Description

My First Step Sequencer is a simple 16-(or 8-)step sequencer aimed at children. It comes with a shuffle mode and a note randomize button, as well as a scale-forcing control, to make it so that you can only select notes within a particular scale.

New: Fixed a bug with it in Live on OSX, where it would crash if you tried to update a parameter while the editor was closed.

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My First Step Sequencer

I can find the vst plugin, but where is the actual program to download?

Re: My First Step Sequencer

You will need a host application for running the plug in. This is not a standalone, only standalones will act like an application.

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