Nodal v1.9
by Aidan Lane
(Aidan Lane Website)
Owned by user Stacey

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Registration: US$25.00

System Requirements:

Mac OSX 10.4 or higher

Last Updated: 2013-09-09
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Software Description

Nodal is a generative software application for composing music. It uses a novel method for the notation and playing of MIDI based music. This method is based around the concept of a user-defined graph. The graph consists of nodes (musical events) and edges (connections between events). You interactively define the graph, which is then traversed by any number of players who play the musical events as they encounter them on the graph. The time taken to travel from one node to another is based on the length of the edges that connect the nodes.

New in v1.9

  • New Scales mode for Voice Groups allows you to set a key and mode for each player
  • Improved debugging: show edge signalling information for each edge, last notes played for nodes
  • Voice group muting: mute individual players while a composition is playing
  • Updated for current version of MacOS

New in v1.5

  • Full cut, copy & paste
  • Unlimited undo & redo
  • Enhanced and refined user interface
  • Re-written MIDI engine for Windows
  • Built-in MIDI synthesizer now also for Mac
  • New improved manual
  • And many other fixes and improvements!
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