Obie Editor v1.1
by Denis Queffeulou
(Denis Queffeulou Website)

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Last Updated: 2007-07-18
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Software Description

Patch editor for the Oberheim Matrix 1000. Can be used to get a patch from the synthesizer, modify it and save it to an individual file. This allows to organize patches with folders in the filesytem. There is no MIDI thru function (everybody has got a sequencer!) and no bank management.

New in v1.1

  • Universal Binary compilation

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How do i use this with

How do i use this with Ableton ( or any DAW )? Do I just drop it in like a VST? My Matrix 1000 is collecting dust. This should bring it back to life!

OS X Lion

Is there going to be version which will work with 10.7?


been using v. 1 for some time now, it's great! looking forward to this update! THANKS mr. Queffeulou!

This is the best ! period

The GUI on this baby is a PLEASURE to work with. I was able to get sounds that I would have never been able to discover. Sure, there are others editors out there. I even have UNISYN.. But this OBIE EDITOR is the real deal my friends.

Help with Obie Editor


I can't figure out how to get the obie editor to work with my Matrix 1000 and keyboard controller. I've tried many time to route through Abelton Live using a Midisport USB interface. Can anyone shed some light on this set up?


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