Oresus v1.2
by HyperSynth
(HyperSynth Website)
Owned by user Stacey

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Operating System:
File Size: 3.0 MB
Price: USD 45
License Conditions:

Sends out a burst of noise every 20 seconds and is active only for 10 minutes. Registration: US$45.00

System Requirements:

VSTi host application.

Last Updated: 2011-08-17
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Oresus is a synthesizer with huge range of tonal possibilities and intuitive user interface, according to HyperSynth. It introduces WSM (wave shape modulation) and Complex Oscillator to produce new wave-shapes from two raw sub oscillators. Oresus features two filters with 12 modes, these filters are configurable as parallel and serial or even as a combination of both to achieve new filter types. A modulation matrix with 18 sources and 23 destinations provides an extensive choice for modulation purposes.


  • 2 Complex Oscillators with phase sync, hard sync, PWM, WSM.
  • 2 Filters (10 classic types + Hyper LP8, Hyper LP6) with key track, separate pan and level, polarity switch, parallel and serial outputs.
  • 3 Curve configurable envelopes for filter, Mod and amplitude.
  • 2 LFOs each with 4 simultaneous outputs.
  • S&H with smooth function and selectable input.
  • Modulation matrix with 414 possible paths.
  • Trance gate.
  • Pitch and mod wheel.
  • Built in FX (spread, drive, cross delay, ping pong delay, chorus).

Changes in ver 1.2:

  • Factory presets were increased to 100.
  • LFO retrig function fixed
  • Oscillator "phase" and "phase a-b" malfunctions fixed.
  • Acrv and Dcrv will now respond to "Ctrl + click" for resets to default
  • Opening multiple instances of this plugin in Cubase will no longer cause it to crash.
  • Problems with step-lfo which did not load step values from *.ors files are now fixed
  • Displaying preset name with more than 19 characters are now fixed
  • Polyphony selector issue fixed
  • Minor GUI improvements
  • Code optimization
  • Documentation was updated
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