Organizer MP3 v4.53
by Slava Neymer
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Last Updated: 2008-11-19
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Software Description

Create professional-looking MP3-CDs in 15 minutes with Organizer MP3! Finished CD works on any Windows computer, and doesn't require install. Organizer MP3 includes 2 programs: Collection Builder and Collection Player. The Collection Builder creates MP3 collections easily and almost automatically, ready to be burnt on a CD (MP3s + user-friendly Player + information + slideshow pictures). You can group songs into albums with covers and information. ID3-Tags are automatically read from the MP3s.

An integrated TAG-editor allows you to edit fields for multiple files with a single click. You can link lyrics and pictures to songs. Lyrics can be automatically found on the Internet. There is also a slide-show generator. The Collection Player provides several play-modes: sequential, preview-mode, and random (in album, playlist and full-list). The playlist manager allows you to create, save and sort playlists (by title, artist, or randomly). You can read the lyrics or preview the picture for the current song, with automatic change when a new song starts. The Player is very intuitive, skinnable, fully-customizable (lots of visual and audio settings) and supports 14 languages!

The most important difference between this program and others, which have identical names is that they only create a database of the MP3s on your hard-disk and CDs, whilst Organizer MP3 allows you to create your own professional-looking MP3 collections ready to be burnt on a CD.


  • Automatically creates MP3-CDs with attractive easy-to-use player
  • Creates MP3 collections, ready to be burnt on a CD with: MP3s, player, covers, lyrics, info, slideshow pictures
  • Finished CD works on any Windows computer, and doesn't require install
  • Automatically finds lyrics on the Internet
  • Integrated TAG-editor
  • Just click – no programming
  • Integrated slide-show generator for MP3 collections
  • No third-party player is used
  • Multi-language support in the player (14 languages)

New in v4.53

  • Bug fixes
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