OtoMarch 2.02
by Mildon Studios
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Last Updated: 2010-10-02
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Software Description

OtoMarch is a VSTi that turns your keyboard into a marching army. It automatically shuffles different samples for a realistic stomping effect. The samples used were recorded in stereo, featuring a 24-person marching army. It has faders for basic EQ, reverb, and width.

Marching army in music is cool. I did a track in 2006 called "Ixthus" which featured a dance-march sequence, it was cool enough. But I didn't have those super-wide, crunchy samples to work with back then. All I had was a recording of 4 guys stomping, quadruple-tracked to eternity. Since then I've always wanted to create a marching army VSTi. After I made Otobongo, I thought, this could really work well with stomping. All I need now is an army

So I grabbed my heavy duty condensers and had the guys setup a small platform in the studio. We stomped away. And after many hours of editing and mastering, the plugin is complete. No artificial double-tracking was used in the samples so you can be sure it won't sound like an army of drones in mono. Now it's all about the crunch.

An audio sample is available on this page

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