iZotope Ozone v6.1
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File Size: 17.6 MB
Price: USD 249.99
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Current discounted price at $199. In Trial mode, Ozone 5 will work without restriction for 10 days. After 10 days, Ozone 5 will operate in Demo Mode, and will insert silence at regular intervals.

System Requirements:

VST/DX host application.

Last Updated: 2015-03-25
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Software Description

Ozone is a mastering system of 64-bit DSP algorithms, Ozone 5 now includes eight essential mastering tools: Multiband Dynamics, Imaging, Maximizer, Equalizer, Multiband Stereo, Multiband Harmonic Exciter, Post Equalizer, Dithering and Reverb.

The quality of mastering is complemented by the enhanced visual meter displays, and integrated in an interface that makes it easy to get good sounding masters.


  • Complete mastering system in a single plug-in
  • Includes eight essential mastering tools: Loudness Maximizer, Paragraphic EQ, Multiband Dynamics, Multiband Stereo Imaging, Harmonic Exciter, Dithering, Mastering Reverb and Imaging
  • Analog-modeled processing combined with linear phase precision
  • Elegant, highly efficient user interface
  • Extensive metering and spectrum analysis tools help you get better results
  • Comprehensive preset manager with over 100 professionally designed presets and new MacroPresets
  • User-definable signal routing
  • Extensive automation support
  • CPU-efficient and optimized for today's low-latency DAW environments
  • Powerful mid/side processing tools
  • Supports sampling rates up to 192kHz
  • Documentation that helps demystify the mastering process

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New in v6.1

  • New Adaptive Release mode for louder and clearer mastering
  • New Tube limited mode for adding warm, analog sounds
  • Creatively tweak with confidence with Module Presets
  • Various other upgrades and fixes

New in v6

  • Analog hardware modeled EQ filter shapes
  • Surgical mode
  • Variable EQ phase control
  • Customizable Signal Chain
  • Seamless Bypass
  • Module Gain Meters
  • Transient Emphasis
  • Triode and Dual Triode Exciter modes
  • Stereoize Control
  • Dynamics Detection Enhancement
  • Stereoize control
  • New presets
  • Standalone app version
  • Various other enhancements

New in v5.05b

  • Bugfix for intermittent crash in Pro Tools 11 on Windows 64-bit systems.
  • Bugfix for crash on Windows related to Fonts.
  • Bugfix for unresponsive Authorization Wizard when opening Pro Tools 11 sessions that include a demo of Ozone or Insight.
  • Bugfix for a 64 bit AAX bug where some list items wouldn't stay selected.

New in v5.03

  • 64-bit AAX Support for Pro Tools 11
  • Feature enhancements: Improved EQ filter speed
  • Snapshot selections will now always save with sessions
  • Bugfix for snapshot problem where it would intermittently show/hide when selecting events in the History list
  • Fixed issue where Copy To Mid/Side/Stereo was not working properly
  • Fixed combo boxes so it would display properly on Retina

New in v5.02

  • Now supports Windows 8
  • Now supports AAX Natively for Pro Tools 10
  • Changed wording of "Match From" to "Reference" for the Matching EQ
  • Improved Host Bypass communication for component plug-ins (Advanced feature only)

New in v5.02

  • Improvements to IRC3 - New style control and lower distortion on low frequency material
  • Improved spectrogram
  • Better EQ behavior
  • Enhanced keyboard support.
  • Various Bugfixes

New in v5.01

  • Reduced clicks and pops when bypassing
  • Validation issue bugfix
  • Smoother browsing transitions
  • Bugfix for the exciter module
  • Other minor fixes and enhancements

New in v5.0

  • Improved each of the module's sound by using improved DSP processing
  • Improved interface, brand new layout, controls continue to prioritize ease of use
  • Better visuals via the meters, giving you an accurate image of how your sound is processed
  • Introduction of Ozone 5 Advanced

Overview of new features in v4.0

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Mastering your own music?

There's no better plugin for mastering your own music than izotope. For the price you cant beat it...Multiband compression, stereo imaging, exciter, eq...everything you'd ever want to master music right from your computer.

good software

good software downloads this site thanks

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