PBJ Computer Activities (mac)
by PBJ Music Publications
(PBJ Music Publications Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 700K
License Conditions:
System Requirements:

System 7 or greater; 8 MB RAM; 3 MB hard disk space; color monitor

Last Updated: 2000-04-14
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Software Description

PBJ Music Publications
50 colorful and engaging games cleverly disguise the drill and practice of elementary through intermediate music theory concepts. Although designed to be age appropriate for each specific level, the game activities have engrossed students of all ages. Music students and teachers alike have praised PBJ's varied and innovative approach to learning music theory.

The program consists of five levels, Preparatory through Four. Each level contains 10 new game settings different from the previous level. Each game reinforces learning and encourages repeat play by revealing fun auditory and animated surprises on correct and incorrect responses.

Game themes include sports events, suspense adventures, pets, medieval times, world and space travel, accumulation of wealth and much more. Theory content is cumulative from one level to the next, and game steps become more challenging and complex as levels advance.

Simple computer operations and easy on-screen directions make these games ideal for both the independent student and the busy teacher.

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