PHLUMX 7.0 b2
by Psicon Lab
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Operating System:
File Size: 4.5 MB
License Conditions:

20-use trial. 130 Euros.

System Requirements:

QuickTime Player

Last Updated: 2004-09-01
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

PHLUMX is an advanced digital video media player designed for Live performance. Live Visuals are already a standard a music events, but PHLUMX offers much more for Live video performances by DJs, designers, film makers, and Flash animators. PHLUMX boasts easy-to-use and effective features such as: DJ-style Cross fader allows you to mix, cut, and scratch video, have complete and instant control over video positioning, in and out points, and looping. Cue points allow you to mark and instantly jump to any particular moment, Color filters allow you create layered visual effects, Speed and Direction control, including an incredible Scratch Recording mode, let you interact and control motion--Live.

Plays QuickTime Movies, AVI files, and Flash with audio and has MIDI support for controllers and keyboards.

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Now Free + Version Update!!

PHLUMX - update now available

PHLUMX is a free video mixing software for VJs and live visuals. Using PHLUMX you can trigger, scratch, and mix media clips (including Quicktime, AVI and Flash) to create live visual performances to support DJs, bands, exhibitors, or performers. PHLUMX supports Freeframe effects, MIDI controllers, and clips with sound.


* Two full-length timelines give you complete and instant control over video positioning and allow you to scratch video
* Mix controls, including DJ-style cross-fader allow you to mix, cut between video clips
* Colour filters allow you create layered visual effects and combine clips visually
* Mark particular moments with Cue Points and instantly jump to them
* Speed and directional controls, including a scratch recording mode, let you interact and control motion
* Set in and out points and create loops, ping-pong sections or randomise
* Control volume, with independant levels and linked audio cross-fader
* Configurable keys and MIDI input for controllers and keyboards
* Save clips to Hotkeys and trigger them instantly
* Twin Browsers allow you to browse, preview and select files in two locations
* Monitor linear video positioning and preview clips before triggering
* Rotate video upsidedown, add titles or activate randomisation within you clip
* Play Quicktime and AVI movies and Flash animations with sound
* Freeframe Effects Support - add Freeframe effects to your mixes, control parameters with MIDI, Save settings and load them instantly.
* Load/Save Decks - instantly load groups of clips and trigger them immediately
* Unlimited Twin Browsing - browse your entire hard drive and other drives simultaneously
* MIDI/Keys Configuration hugely Improved - simplified, specific control panels> with useful graphics
* Colour Filters and Tinting Options Expanded - new range of filters and colouring capabilites
* Titles Expanded - easily preview and add text, change colours, font, style and alignment
* Thumbnail Hotkeys - screenshots of video used to identify clips alongside filenames
* Load/Save Favorite Folders - jump to selected folders of clips instantly
* Dual Monitor Support Improved - undockable output window, auto-sizing and auto-detect Dual Monitor feature improved
* Overall Performance Improved - many bugs fixed and more user friendly
* Users Manual & Help - with full descriptions of functions and use

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