PedalBoard 0.5
by Alex Chamberlain

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File Size: 16K
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Last Updated: 1998-03-15
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Software Description

Pedalboard is a realtime simulation of a guitar effects processor or a set of effects pedals. There's an on/off switch for each pedal and various sliders to change the sound, just like the real thing.

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a question...

Can I use this plug-in in my Pro tools?


Hello and thanks for offering your free software. I'm a old nam vet who really appreciates what you guys are doing.

Re: hello

R4 ppc, 1 2 , 1 2, calling R3 pcc, over....
here R3 pcc flying over beOs, waiting...over...
this is R4 ppc, R3pcc, proced as planed...

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