Phoenix | Analogue
by Rattlesnake Hill Softworks
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Last Updated: 2003-06-18
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Software Description

Phoenix | Analogue is a performance-oriented real-time analog modeling soft-synth for Mac OS X.


  • Flexible modulation routing system with thirteen modulation sources that can be used to modulate almost any parameter in the system.
  • Two low-frequency oscillators (LFOs) per voice, and one system-wide free-running LFO.
  • Ten modes for the main oscillator, and eight for the LFOs.
  • Two fully-modulatable ADSR generators with beat-clock re-trigger capability.
  • Five-mode fully-modulatable per-voice filter.
  • Six-mode wave-shaper with pre/post effects routing.
  • Five-mode effects section.
  • System-Wide low-pass filter with bypass routing.
  • Four-Point-Surround or Stereo modulatable panning.
  • Floating-Point High-Definition signal generation.
  • Supports any audio-output device with an OS X Core Audio driver, including multichannel devices.
  • Can be driven by any OS X Core Midi source, including external Midi interfaces, USB keyboards, and sequencer/Midi-processor applications.
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