PianoHead v2.0v8
by Spinapse
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Last Updated: 2006-08-03
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Software Description

This easy-to-use software product teaches fundamental music theory skills in a fun, game-like format. Explore self-paced practice areas for note recognition, scales, intervals and key signatures. A practice-and-play interface helps you learn through repetition, feedback, and increasing levels of difficulty. When you're ready to move on, play the PianoHead Challenge, a game that combines all of these skills in 16 challenging levels. An online scoreboard lists the top scores of players from around the world. PianoHead is not a replacement for a piano teacher or music education books, but it is a powerful supplementary tool for solidifying the foundational skills required to read and perform music.

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PianoHead made my whole screen go black

This is very unnerving. Be careful with this software, maybe it contains malware. When I launched it the first time it made my whole screen go black I've never encountered that with any app before. Beware!!!!!

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