4Front Piano Module v1.0
by 4Front Technologies
(4Front Technologies Website)

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Last Updated: 2003-06-21
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

4Front Piano Module is a load&play VSTi software piano synthesizer, that receives MIDI note data and generates a high quality piano sound.

With the proprietary 4Front hybrid synthesis technology, 4Front Piano Module takes generally smaller spacer than the sampled pianos of the same quality.

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Fruity loops

How do I load this into fruity loops?

Not Free!

a 40 day "limited" trial. Of course, I don't need 40days to read "program has no settings".

Quite Good

Of the piano freebies, this definitely is the best. Lot's of dynamics and personality.

Quality software

I've just started composing piano pieces with this software, which loaded flawlessly into FL Studio 5.0.2. Excellent-quality sound. Why would anyone need special settings for this?!

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