Precision CD WAV MP3 Converter 1.6
by Roemer Software (Rick Roemer)
(Roemer Software (Rick Roemer) Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 6.03 MB
License Conditions:

Free, fully functional use for 30-days/30 conversions, after which you must register to continue using it. Fee - US $20

System Requirements:

Approx. 12.5 MB disk space required.

Last Updated: 2003-04-09
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Makes exact digital copies of audio CD's using automatic error correction. Retrieve-submit CD info. using FreeDB.
Automatic: track naming, artist/album folder creation and MP3 ID3 tags.
Tracks saved as WAV or MP3 (CBR or VBR). Designed for beginners and
advanced users alike. Convert to and from all supported formats: WAV, MP3,
WMA 8, 9 and OGG. WAV recorder to convert records, tapes, streaming audio,
mic, etc. to WAV. Auto discount during trial.

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