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Pentium 133, Sound card, midi keyboard

Last Updated: 2000-11-01
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Software Description

This virtual instrument, fashioned after the Sequential Circuits™ Prophet™-5, combines the sonic properties of the unique originals with the practical requirements of the present day


  • fashioned after the vintage cult synths of the 80ies
  • 2 oscillators per voice - choice of pulse, triangle and saw-tooth waveforms
  • Detune and synchronization
  • 24dB low-pass filter with resonance and self oscillation
  • ADSR envelopes for amplitude and filter
  • Low Frequency Oscillator with numerous modulation options
  • Theoretically unlimited number of voices, in practice depends on CPU power (example: 30 voices on a Macintosh™ G3/350 or Celeron™ 400)
  • 512 freely programmable preset memories
  • 512 selected classic analog sounds preprogrammed
  • 50 new up-to-date sounds by vintage-synth legend John Bowen
  • Velocity sensitivity (optional)
  • Real-time MIDI control and automation of all parameters
  • Two operating modes: analog warmth or digital accuracy
  • Operates as VST 2.0™ Plug-In

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I need manual for this software

I need manual for this software
Please e-mail me.....


FUNKY shit

If I had the money Id buy this thang.
belivieble Analogism

FUNKY shit

If I had the money Id buy this thang.
belivieble Analogism

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