ProTrig v1.3.0.0
by Centipeak
(Centipeak Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 2.9 MB
Price: USD 69
License Conditions:

Time restriction and limited number of runs. Registration: US$69.00

System Requirements:

VST host application. Low latency soundcard for real-time triggering.

Last Updated: 2009-11-23
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

ProTrig is a drum-trigger plug-in which is designed to transform audio input into drums and percussion (through MIDI notes) in real-time, supporting all MIDI-compatible virtual instruments. It's perfect for replacing/enhancing the sound of recorded/monitored real drums. Using only a few basic settings like threshold, interval (wait time) and hit resistance any punchy sound can also very easily be turned into drums. Several drums with one microphone is possible using the built-in filter.


  • Trigger with highly controllable sensitivity and dynamics.
  • Visual Mode (Displaying the generated hits in relation to time and input audio).
  • 8-band filter.
  • Velocity Compressor.
  • Ghost Notes.
  • Audio Ducking.
  • Auditioning MIDI-keyboard screen.

New in v1.3.0.0

  • Substantial improvements of the triggering-engine. Hit detection is now even more accurate than before, with increased speed and stability. Some known performance issues have been eliminated.
  • Time-shift-control added. Allows control over the timing of the MIDI-events sent by ProTrig. Can be used to fine tune the exact timing of the hit to fit the original recording in order to produce a tighter result.
  • Extended and improved MIDI-handling. Support for direct communication with MIDI-output devices has been added. When used in conjunction with a loop-back MIDI-driver, ProTrig now also works with Sonar, Samplitude and other hosts that doesn't support MIDI-output from Audio Effects.
  • Audio ducking has been greatly improved, it now supports cross-track ducking through a new internal send/receive system. Mutes or lowers the volume of a track when a hit occurs on another track.
  • Monophonic mode added. Makes MIDI-output monophonic. This can, for example, make the notes not overlap when recording MIDI-tracks.

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Your right!

I can back you up there, don't download the pirate version. The virus was undetected by AVG and then impossible to get rid of, a reinstall was the only thing that helped... so go to protrig and download the original version instead if you're smart. It actually only cost $69 and it's really fair to support the makers of ProTrig.


NOW THIS was a welcome audio drum trigger. A worthy replacement of the old drumagog. I love it!!

P.S Beware of the illegal download version out there incl serial. That one comes with a nasty virus, had to reinstall my comp :o(


Thank you. I've been looking for such a product and this one was really amazing!

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