QJackMMC 4
by Alex Montgomery
(Alex Montgomery Website)

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Last Updated: 2011-05-23
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Software Description

QJackMMC is a Qt based program that can connect to a device or program that emits MIDI Machine Control (MMC) and allow it to drive JACK transport, which in turn can control other programs.

Many people have hard-disk recorders (HDRs) or other external MIDI devices that are capable of sending out MMC to keep other devices in sync. You might have a multi-track recorder and you want to be able to start, stop, or fast-forward JACK-based programs such as Rosegarden, Hydrogen, and Ardour.

New in v4

  • Jack MIDI support (optional)
  • Autoconf support for easy configuration / packaging
  • "Always listening" rewrite for QJackMMC
  • Message area within QJackMMC to view any incoming MMC messages
  • Lash support is now optional
  • Cleaner and clearer interface
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