QMidiArp 0.6.3
by Frank Kober
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All POSIX (Linux/BSD/UNIX-like OSes)

Last Updated: 2015-11-03
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Software Description

QMidiArp is a MIDI phrase controller and generator LFO for the ALSA sequencer.

It has the ability to control multiple synchronized arpeggiators, LFOs and step sequencers. QMidiArp has been growing since june 2009 on top of Matthias Nagorni's original arp idea.


  • Arpeggio pattern preset infrastructure
  • Synchronized MIDI LFO modules added LFOs have calculated and drawable waveforms, selectable frequency, amplitude, offset, time resolution and length
  • Synchronized step sequencer modules added Step sequencer can be transposed and velocity-modulated by received notes, sequence can be drawn on the fly
  • Pianoroll-type display of arp patterns and cursor line
  • Envelope function for chord arpeggios with high polyphony
  • Latch mode or Footswitch for holding notes in arpeggio buffer
  • Keyboard-triggered or -restarted arpeggiator mode
  • Input note delay strongly reduced making QMidiArp suitable for live play
  • MIDI-learnable control of many live-relevant functions
  • MIDI realtime clock slave synchronization
  • JACK transport client synchronization
  • Event log entries are color-coded, optional MIDI Clock event display
  • Re-designed graphical user interface: all modules and dialogs are dockable floatable windows, main and file icon toolbars added
  • New .qmidiarprc file containing GUI settings, user arp patterns and last file path
  • Save and SaveAs functions with modification monitoring
  • All relevant session parameters stored in new .qmax XML session file
  • Manual pages in English, French and German
  • Handler for SIGINT added to handle unsaved or changed files more carefully at program termination.
  • Handler for SIGUSR1 added to provide support for LADISH level 1.
  • Separate threads for ALSA Sequencer Queue handler and arpeggio engine

Changes in v0.6.3

  • Bugfix for regression in the Arp LV2 module, where the pattern display did not follow changes made in the pattern field or when selecting a preset.
  • It also fixes the LV2 plugin user interfaces when building with --enable-qt5.

Changes in v0.6.0

  • LV2 Plugins available for LFO, ARp and SEQ modules
  • Bugfix for crash when trying to open non existent file from the recent files menu

Changes in v0.5.3

  • Random functions for sequencer and LFO
  • Steps and ARP repeat mode
  • MIDI controllable tempo
  • Various bugs fixed
  • Other minor functional improvements

Changes in v0.5.2 - Bugfixes:

  • Allows Tempo changes while running
  • Jack Transport position is now taken into account when starting
  • Muting and sequencer parameter changes can be deferred to pattern end using a new toolbutton
  • Modules in the Global Storage window have mute/defer buttons
  • Global Storage location switches can be set to affect only the pattern
  • Non Session Manager support with "switch" capability
  • NSM support requires liblo development headers (liblo-dev package)

Changes in v0.5.1 - Bugfixes:

  • New 't' and 'g' tokens provide semitone shifts
  • Repeating '0' within chords play out several notes even when only one note is pressed on the keyboard.
  • Parameter storage automation

Changes in v0.5.0 - Bugfixes:

  • Parameter storage and switch center.
  • Various bug fixes

Changes in v0.4.5 - Bugfixes:

  • JACK Transport start with ALSA backend was broken in 0.4.4
  • Crash when events not matching any channel in any module were received in JACK MIDI backend

New in v0.4.3

  • Default backend is JACK MIDI
  • In-sequence loop marker
  • Effect of groove settings is displayed in the Arp/LFO/Seq screen
  • LFOs can be triggered and restarted by the keyboard
  • Groove functions now work for all modules, not only Arps
  • Save original LFO data when reducing size
  • JACK Session support when using JACK MIDI backend
  • Various Midi control bugfixes

New in v0.4.2

  • LFO wave lengths up to 32 bars for very low frequencies
  • Groove Settings and LFO & Seq resolutions now also MIDI-controllable
  • One-click duplication of LFO and Seq modules
  • Option to add new modules in muted state
  • Vertical Zoom switch for Seq module display
  • ToolBars can be positioned vertically
  • Nested arrangement of modules allows more flexible layouts

New in v0.4.1

  • All modules now have a playhead cursor
  • LFOs can record controller data by a MIDI-learnable Record button.
  • Seq modules handle note events at the input for triggering
  • Spanish translation thanks to Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas (plcl)
  • Czech translation thanks to Pavel Fric
  • Functional doxygen documentation available by "make doxygen-doc"
  • New SVG icon and desktop file
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