Quad Zamp v1.1
by Les Productions Zvon
(Les Productions Zvon Website)

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File Size: 2.48 MB
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VSTi Host.

Last Updated: 2005-11-05
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Software Description

Quad Zamp is a one-shot/drum sample player, consisting of four 'Zamp' style multi wav players, 12 wavplayers in total. Each wav player is assigned to a certain key, from C2 to B2. This can be customized with the note selectors (bottom right hand corner of each wavplayer). When you press a key that is assigned to a wavplayer, a small LED lights up right above that wav, so you can quickly find out which key controls which wavplayer.

New in this version

    Added filter section for each wavplayer

  • Added sample triggering options: 'trigger' or 'on/off'
  • Added switch to bypass the amp envelope, useful for triggering long samples, or playing continuous loops.
  • Added 'tune' controls to randomizers, for subtle pitch modulation
  • Added 'glide' controls to randomizers for gliding between steps when modulating pitch
  • Gui improvements
  • Some controls now have assiged MIDI ccs (includes MIDI cc chart)
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