RTSynth 1.9.5
by Stefan Nitschke
(Stefan Nitschke Website)

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File Size: 1.36 MB
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System Requirements:

For glibc-2.1 based systems.

Last Updated: 2006-12-24
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

Midi events recognized by RTSynth so far:

  • NoteOn (includes velocity)
  • NoteOff
  • AllNotesOff
  • AllSoundOff
  • AllCtrlOff
  • ProgramChange - selects a preset sound.
  • PanPosition
  • HoldPedal - only available when the string synth is set to 24 voices.
  • Volume
  • PitchBend - The filter/embouchure value given by the interface slider is multiplied by two on max pitch bend and zero on min pitch bend. A centred pitch bend leaves the slider value unchanged.
  • Support for midi "running status" used by some sequencer programs like CuBase.

With in the main panel you can:

  • Create, control and connect audio modules
  • Change the audio buffer size
  • Save the machine state (not yet implemented)

The String Synth is mainly designed to produce string like sounds.
The string synth panel is subdivided into smaller panels sorted by functionality:

Energy dissipation
This together with Random Filter and Additional wave is the "heart" of the synthesizer. Here you can set the parameters for the time dependent behaviour of the oscillator like frequency dependent damping, cut off frequency ...

Random filter
The random filter is used to filter the noise source output and may also be used to filter the output of the additional wave. The filtered random noise together with an additional wave are used to initialize the oscillators starting wave form. The usage of a random noise amount to produce a wave form makes the sounds generated by the string synth quite different form the static sounds generated by sample based synthesizers. Like for a real string instrument the produced sound will never be exact the same even when playing the same note.

Additional wave
In addition to the noise source the output of the additional wave unit can be used to build the starting wave form. This panel includes a mixer for the balance between the random noise and the additional wave amplitude.

Output filter
Here the generated wave can be filtered by a resonance able low pass filter.

Output filter envelope
Settings for an output filter and/or amplitude envelope can be done here. Each String Synth voice has only one envelope generator but it can be used for output filter and amplitude modulation.

Output and note control
Sound volume, amplitude attack, decay, amplitude envelope and more can be set here.

Flute Synth
This is a monophonic synth. It implements the ´base clarinet´ and the ´base flute´ algorithms with some small extensions and modifications.

  • Oscillator settings
  • Breath
  • Pressure - tremolo
  • Output filter
  • Output control

    Audio Effects

  • Distortion
  • Universal filter
  • PM resonator
  • Resonator
  • Chorus
  • Reverb
  • Delay

  • Syndicate content