Radium v3.8.2
by Kjetil Matheussen
(Kjetil Matheussen Website)

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Linux with Jack

Last Updated: 2016-06-06
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Software Description

Radium is a free music and notation editor with its own unique interface.

It is based on tracker software but has more features and fewer limitations. It also utilizes graphics to show musical data.


  • Sound effects automation
  • Tempo automation
  • Velocity automation
  • Polyphonic tracks
  • Unlimited number of tracks.
  • Unlimited number of lines.
  • Unlimited note, tempo, and effect precision.
  • Undo/Redo
  • Zoom in/out.
  • Import standard midi files and MMD2/MMD3 modules
  • Note sequence effects such as transpose, quantitize, glizzando, invert and reverse.
  • Support for Jack MIDI and ALSA MIDI. (Both at the same time.)
  • Configurable key bindings, menues, fonts, and colors.
  • Extension language support. Write programs that generates music or modifies your songs.
  • Western style scores can be generated from radium songs with Common Music Notation (CMN).

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Changes in v 3.8.2:

  • Lots of interface improvements
  • Lots of stability fixes
  • Lots of efficiency improvements
  • Multi-core processing.
  • New color configuration dialog.
  • Optional play cursor. (Instead of scrolling the editor while playing, a red horizontal line moves down instead.)
  • Loop when playing range.
  • Improved font rendering, especially for white text on dark background.
  • Load and save VST FXB and FXP files.
  • Automatic backup every minute if there are unsaved edits and not playing.
  • Import MOD and XM files.
  • Optionally edit cents / velocities / vx by text instead of graphics, like in regular trackers.

Changes in v 3.70:

  • Many stability fixes.
  • Many bug fixes.
  • Various OpenGL rendering fixes.
  • More distinct track background colors.
  • Near-perfect import of protracker modules.
  • Optionally edit velocities by text instead of graphics, like in regular trackers.
  • Copy/cut/paste automation range.

Changes in v 3.0.2:

  • Ctrl+J jumps to bar/beat instead of line. (line numbers are not visible anymore)
  • Don't update effect values for plugin while loading a plugin. Might stop buggy plugins from crashing.
  • Option to record MIDI line by line and monophonic in the MIDI menu. (as before)
  • Bugfix realtime color update in the editor when using the color config dialog
  • Append "-qt4" to the last resort value in find_moc_and_uic_paths.c. (Arch linux fix)

Changes in v 1.9.42:

  • Support 1024x800 screens
  • Add show/hide buttons for sample browser and plugin controls.

Changes in v 1.9.37:

  • New API function: isPlaying
  • Make left alt open menues
  • Add "All files" option to the file requesters
  • Search for VST plugins recursively
  • Proper postfix filter in filerequester when importing midi file
  • text draw: Fix for crash when painting ranged notes with subpitch
  • Various performance improvements
  • Interface changes and streamlining
  • Various other bugfixes and enhancements details here.

Changes in v 1.9.34:

  • Disable pd for all builds except linux (since libpds only exists on linux for now)
  • Avoid memory corruption if settings_version is not in settings
  • Patch color, step 1: some experimentation (some diffuse colors used in track headers and the mixer sound objects.
  • When switching to a new block where current line is the last line, set current line to first line instead.
  • Possible to switch block while playing.
  • Adjustable crossfade length (when looping) for the Sampler instrument

Changes in v 1.9.33:

  • Pitch glide between notes. Implemented for the Pd instrument, the sampler instrument and all the Physical modelling instruments.
  • Edit pitches with mouse
  • Automatically make current track wider
  • Show Resize cursor when its possible to resize track
  • Mouse: ctrl: slows down, lshift: limit horizontal, lextra: limit vertial
  • Sampler instrument: Fix saving loop on off button state
  • Made MENU button open block configuration (left meta is often unavailable)
  • Made VOLUME/PLAY/STOP/MUTE keys configurable in keybindings.conf
  • Fixed memory corruption in blocklist when name of block was longer than 20 (!)
  • Use standard paths for LADSPA plugins if LADSPA_PATH is not set
  • Give message if a plugin generates abnormal signals, plus zero the signal.
  • menues: Be more intelligent about which program to open keybindings.conf/menues.conf/externals_list.txt with.
  • pd: Upgrade libpds to latest version (Use system clipboard to store cut/copy/paste data (to cut/copy/paste between different pd instances))
  • Fix MMD loader
  • Note play indicator visual improvement (blinking circle)
  • Enable volume up/volume down/mute/play keyboard buttons
  • Button for setting random effect values.

Changes in v 1.9.31:

  • New demo song: BlowFish
  • Save hashmap elements in sorted order so that songs can more easily be compared textually
  • Menu entry to show name of all PD externals
  • Help menu options to edit keybindings and menues
  • Song comment dialog
  • A long list of bugfixes and other improvements

Changes in v 1.9.30:

  • Fix for saving floats in wrong format for certain country settings
  • Always show slot indicator in mixer gui

Notable Changes in v 1.9.29:

  • Revert back to faust's denormal handling.
  • Bugfix for crash on CPUs without sse2.
  • Bugfix for vst plugin memory corruption
  • System compressor
  • Compressor and equalizer GUI can be shown/hidden.
  • Various other bugfixes

Notable Changes in v 1.9.27:

  • Write settings to disk when selecting Set Default Editor Font
  • Dont crash when using MIDI menu unless the current instrument is a midi instrument
  • Workaround for bug in newer versions of libbfd, causing compilation to fail. Patch from James Morris
  • Wait to handle events until program has started. Hopefully fixes a crash reported
  • Remove check for jack in rt midi in check_install script.

Notable Changes in v 1.9.22:

  • Can now be used as MIDI Sampler for one instrument
  • Removed limitation on track deletion
  • Crashreporter
  • Menu option to GFX message
  • Various Bugfixes
  • Other enhancements and improvements

Notable Changes in v 1.9.14:

  • Various graphical improvements
  • Various control changes and improvements
  • Various Bugfixes
  • Other enhancements and improvements

Notable Changes in v 1.9.6:

  • Sample change undone
  • Better texts
  • Configurable MIDI input port
  • Upgrade bdw-gc to 7.2d
  • Menu improvements and clean ups.
  • Radium window icon
  • Various other bugfixes and enhancements

Changes in v 0.67.1:

  • Ported GUI to Qt4
  • Ported Editor to GTK2.
  • More colorful default colors
  • Various build fixes
  • Compiles under MinGW.
  • RELEASE buildtype.
  • Fix nodeline selection
  • Antialiased lines
  • Adjusted tempo colors
  • Fix race condition for midi input
  • Midi input editing.
  • Removed the custom resize window box.
  • midi: increased latency from 1.95ms to 5ms.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements
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