by Matti Koskinen
(Matti Koskinen Website)

Download from the
Author's Website

Operating System:
File Size: 36 K
License Conditions:
System Requirements:

Windows 95 required

Last Updated: 1999-01-01
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

You can convert image into sound. These files include two fractal gifs, which give quite a pleasent sounds

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Nice Post...

Hey guys thanks for sharing the information, it was a nice content to read thanks again for sharing, keep up the good work, do more exercises and workouts regularly. This is my personal advice to all of you because exercise is the only way to keep yourselves healthy and fit. Software development can be a pain in back :)

Hello :D Wow, last comment

Hello :D
Wow, last comment was in year 2000..
Now, it's 2010! :O

Damn... I mean 2004..

Damn... I mean 2004..

converting help.hlp files to pdf

Help me to find someway to convert help.hlp files to pdf or doc files.

Rename the help.hlp to help.txt

Rename the help.hlp to help.txt

dont know how to get the program to work

well the concept of the program sounded nice so i
downloaded it . but unfortunately i just dont know how
to use it .my os is windows-95. the package includes a hlp file
which does not open at all. also there is a *.tcl file
which can be opened in wordpad.please do tell me how to proceed

Re: dont know how to get the program to work

since it is written in tcl/tk..you
would have to have that installed as well

that should be mentioned on this page as
a requirement to run this app

Warning! get Csound FIRST!!!

yep it's a csound app/whatever, look it up on this site and others
el fish %)

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