Rapid Evolution v2.5.5
by Jesse Bickmore
(Jesse Bickmore Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 4.2 MB
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System Requirements:

32MB RAM, 100MB Disk Space

Last Updated: 2006-08-12
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Software Description

Rapid evolution aka "the dewey decibel system" is a tool for djs, remixers, and electronic musicians. it helps profile your music and determine important properties of your songs, such as the bpm, key, time signature, track length, comments, etc. you can then instantly view which songs are harmonically compatible, within bpm range, and in the same styles. you can save successful mixes between 2 songs with a score and details. the program will let you choose better songs when mixing live, and you can also plan entire mixes from scratch or mixes you've saved. a mix set generator will find the best mix sets based of the scores you enter! the program will soon be online, allowing users to share song, mix and style information.

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download the software

i m quite satisfied with this portali wanna hav recent software knowledge always.

does this program work for

does this program work for vista? im trying to make some remixes...

download the software

lets hope it helps me

Re: download the software

: lets hope it helps me

Re: download the software

: : lets hope it helps me

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