ReLoop Music Sequencer 1.9.9
by niko twenty
(niko twenty Website)

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Android 1.5 or later

Last Updated: 2012-10-08
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

ReLoop is a loop based music sequencer - make music using samples just like Garageband or ACID.

You load audio that you already have, load samples onto the SD card, and you can also get free ReLoop loop packs via the ReLoop website.

It supports 24bit Wav files making it compatible with commercial loop and sample packs.


  • Real time preview
  • Drag/Drop on timeline
  • 44Khz stereo sound
  • LOAD YOUR OWN samples
  • Select - Copy - Paste - Slice - Clear - Insert - Snap
  • MAKE MELODIES WITH one shot sounds (built in pitch change)
  • Wav export
  • Effects include Delay, Distortion, and Low pass Filter.

New in ReLoop Music Sequencer v1.9.9

  • Bugfix for a buffer bug.
  • New parameter Automation
  • Note though it's not supported on the Distortion Fx yet. Mixer and FX delay, Filter sliders can all be automated now.

New in ReLoop Music Sequencer v1.9.1

  • 1.9.6 - Bugfix for a one-shot sample timing bug
  • 1.9.5 - Bugfix for Floating point BPM text parse was not working correctly.
  • 1.9.4 - Added ability to load samples with floating point BPM in their filename.
  • 1.9.4Fixed sample loading dialog layout on ICS Android 4.0.

New in ReLoop Music Sequencer v1.9.1

  • Removed the thread priority setting on the audio thread, this should fix stuttering a lot of devices. If your device DOES stutter it may be because it needs the high priority, you can turn it ON/OFF in the settings dialog now, (Menu->More->Settings).

New in ReLoop Music Sequencer v1.9.0

  • Now has effects including Realtime Delay, Low pass Filter, and Distortion

New in v1.7.5

  • Update to fix some dialog sizes for Honeycomb tablets.

New in v1.7.2

  • Fixed a nasty timing bug that would not start samples on the correct spot if you had lots of slices and were in loop mode.
  • Fixed / enhanced the mixer sliders to work more accurately.
  • Mucked around with the BPM change code again for smoother live changes, still is far from perfect yet, this is a tough one so far

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Available for download again

After not being available for a short while - there is now a new version you can buy

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