ReSpatializer v1.1.2
by The Sound Guy
(The Sound Guy Website)

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File Size: 1.5 MB
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Registration: US$99.00

System Requirements:

VST host application.

Last Updated: 2010-01-22
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Software Description

ReSpatializer is an advanced panning, surround sound and spatialization plug-in. ReSpatializer supports up to eight input channels, each of which can be individually positioned.


  • Selection of angle, spread and spin for each source.
  • LFE (low-frequency effect) tools.
  • 16 different output formats.
  • Host tempo sync for source rotation.

The panning is presented in an easy-to-use heads-up display with access to positioning, channel gain, mute/solo selection, and spreading. Other special processing includes variable-rate source rotation that can synchronize to the host tempo, low-frequency effect (LFE) tools for monitoring or bouncing to disk, and a large variety of output speaker formats (up to eight channels, DTS, Dolby, ITU, Film and others).

ReSpatializer also offers simulated surround sound through headphones. After mixing your tracks for various surround formats, you can create a binaural headphone mix. This simulation is achieved by utilizing precise measurements of the pinnae, head, and torso to realistically localize a sound source through two channels. ReSpatializer can also create a mix for stereo speakers.

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Has anyone actually gotten this VST to work? I have both Cubase SX3 and Cubase 4, and I can't get the output formats available to be anything other than stereo or binaural. Also, the user manual has a section on how to install in Cubase, but it is about the worst description of how to set it up that I've ever read. What's the deal? It's not even clear from the description what exactly ReSpatializer does. Do you set it up as an insert in a Group channel? How do you send each audio track to the appropriate speaker? Help!

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