Helix Producer Basic
by RealNetworks
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Software Description

This free software, with limited capabilities, creates RealMedia files.

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help me sir about software converter mp3 to mid.



i like it

need some help with real video editin

Your site is realy great!!! :)
But I didn't find editing program for real video movies. Would you help me whit some information. Where can I found some kind of programs. For free if it is possible or whit a trial offer.

Finally... Get paid for your MP3 downloads!!

I'm so sick of seeing bands and musicians having to give their music away!! No other trade is expected to do this. Our tools cost more than everyone else's!! A new Les Paul costs more than a new 1.5 gig desktop!! Yet WE are expected to just hand it all over. Do REEALLY think these Napster hearings are going to benefit the independant artists?! Not likely!! Well... After getting a "royalty check" for ninety-five cents, after having the top three downloads at a major MP3 site for three months, I'd finally had enough!! So I took up programming and hooked up with one of the world's top audio software programmers and we did something about it!!

We are proud to announce the release of PayWave. This incredible new software allows bands and musicians to demo their MP3 files for a limited number of plays. No one can pirate the tracks because the program disables their system's record function during playback. No on can play the track on another player, because the program converts the song into a non-audio file format that will only play on the embedded player until the song is paid for. To find out more and download a free demo, just go to www.tym2.com
You can also get a free multitracker just for checking it out!!
We'll be posting the software on the site later this week, but I wanted to start getting the message out. We can finally take control of our destiny!! This is an opportunity for ALL ONLINE MUSICIANS!!!!!!!! SPREAD THE WORD!!

www.tym2.com is not working.

The website is not working. So where is your PayWave software?

Re: Finally... Get paid for your MP3 downloads!!

hahahahahha u dumb idiot
we just gonna crack it anyway ....wtf i doubt u had top dl ......as for ur lil program it aint gonna stop us or and individual from buying ur cd and ripping the audio files from them and putting them on kazaa


I explorer the internet for long time and I don't know were I search.

I need a compilator: ram/ra to wav/mp3/mp2.
Pease help me

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