Realtime Style Performer
by Alexander I. Lotov
(Alexander I. Lotov Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 300K
License Conditions:

Registration US$15

System Requirements:

32MB RAM, 1 MB Disk Space, Sound Card, MIDI keyboard

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Software Description

The software gives you the ability to play Yamaha PSR styles via MIDI ports of your PC. The program is solely dedicated to realtime "live" performance with a MIDI keyboard connected to PC, like it is done by the auto accompaniment PSR keyboards. It is not a sequencer. By this the RSC introduces new abilities and does not cross performance of the other software applications and utilites available on the market, which deal with Yamaha PSR styles and MIDI. With such MIDI commutation utilites like Hubi's Loopback Driver one always may connect the RSP to a sequencer for recording and subsequent editing, if there is need for that.

Note: You must download part 1 and 2.

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