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Record Producer Deluxe is no longer available for purchase or download.

We have left this software listing here because the comments below are quite active and hopefully the owners of Record Producer who have been left stranded by Voyetra/Turtle Beach will be able to help each other out.

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They really need to revive this program

The reason I love DOP/RPP is that it remains the most complete and intuitive music production software I have come across - and I still have my old files to work on. Design-wise, no one has ever really improved upon this software, not Cakewalk nor even Pro Tools - except for the addition of non-destructive editing and plug-ins. Those factors, however, are enough to get to me move on to other software (currently using n-Track) for my new songs, although I would MUCH rather have an updated RPP that did this. I originally got DOP in a package with a Turtle Beach Live Platinum sound card that included a chip with GREAT Kurzweil sounds for MIDI, and I still keep this machine (with Windows 95) around thinking I'll get back to it. DOP on this machine did have a nasty habit of occasionally deleting the contents of a file, leaving behind a 0kb file. Lost my best instrumental ever by not backing up. No such problems with future versions though, and I'm keeping my last Windows XP laptop around as well, so I can work on improving my old files (though without benefit of the Kurzweil...).

Personally, I am begging Turtle Beach/Voyetra to bring back their old engineers or similarly talented ones and get back to building on what they started in the recording business. This is what really made them stand out as a company. Now their just another company that builds sound cards and music software, a business in which they are now also-rans.

Revive Record Producer

the very best MIDI software ever, hands down. Just can wish some of the designers decide to re-take the task. He(she) would make very good money. I would be the first to buy.

Other MIDI software supportting import/converting Voyetra DOC?


I have my DOC songs created with Digital Orchestrator. The software cannot be longer used.
I tried unsuccesfull to find some other software which support converting or import of those files.

Has anybody any idea to go arround this issue?




Just extract files and double click on the 'icon'. Then click on 'cancel'. cheers

Thank you! I am afraid

Thank you! I am afraid RecordProducer.rar didn't follow your message.


Frustrated with Voyetra over Record Producer

I agree with all of the other posts. Just because they have chosen to discontinue support, shouldn't mean that I can't use the product anymore. I paid my money, and I expect to be able to use it for as long as I want. Microsoft has discontinued support for many of its products, but I can still install and use them. While I can understand their concerns about installing on newer systems, It is not up to them to save me from myself. Furthermore, I am disgusted that I cannot use it on the XP system that I originally purchased it for, but recently had to restore. I have DOS programs that I have run on XP, and they work fine. I will take a look at the potential registry fixes, and will gladly join the boycott of any new Turtle Beach products.

Registering Record Producer

I got it working by exporting the Record Producer setup registry keys from my old, dying XP system to another XP system and even to a W-7 32-bit system! Read how to do this here: .
If you think this is too complex for you, I have a software installation file (5.01.5xxx from nov. 2006) and a registry key file. If anyone is interested, mail me:

Interest in software instalation

my XP system crash , i can't get start it again, please send me files

IMHO, DOC is the MIDI tool

IMHO, DOC is the MIDI tool with the best usability ever done, best rate performance/simplity.
That must be the real reason Turtle Beach discontinued it.

George P
P.S. Captcha made me impossible to publish some comments in this forum - I gave up after 6-7 unsuccessful CAPTCHA trials. I am not human and I keep my fingers crossed to succeed send this message.

Why Record Producer

I just have to add my comment. I started MIDI sequencing with Voyetra MIDI Orchestrator, moved on to Digital Orchestrator Pro for rendering my sequences to wave, and upgraded to Record Producer Delux to make better wave files from my sequences.

I have Cubase 4LE, and I have the newest, wizbang DAW from Cakewalk - Sonar X1. These are great for lots of different aspects of wave file studio work - but, and it's a big BUT - Voyetra's Record Producer was the most intuitive, and user interface friendly MIDI program of them all. I don't know about anyone else, but when I'm feeling creative, I prefer simplicity. I guess that makes me old fashioned, "holding on" to an outdated and obsolete program. What Turtle Beach doesn't realize is that this software is obsolete only because they chose to make it so. It's function, design, and utility are still very much in demand and relevant. I've had the Sonar product line for nearly as long - but doing MIDI in Sonar has always been a pain in the a$$. For me, completing the MIDI instrument portion of my projects on Record Producer before pulling them into Sonar for subsequent production was a terrific shortcut. I am very angry that technical support at Voyetra/Turtle Beach considers my desire to have this product for use in Windows 7 as close minded. Their recommendation to one of the posters here to "consider Cakewalk" as a solution was condescending and lacking insight.

Agree on Record Producer

Just upgraded to a Win 7 64-bit system, and really missing Record producer. Just bought Mixcraft...what a waste of effort that is. They are trying to do things based on loops these days, which doesn't work for a real composer. The midi part of the program just doesn't work intuitively. Record Producer was much better at this. I'm gonna try the Win XP virtual machine in Win 7 and see if I can still use the old program. Depens on whether it recognizes all the abilities of the sound card.


I love what I see here! As a composer there is no better software to sequence MIDI than RPD (or DOP Pro). The piano roll interface is the best!
The "crack" to reinstall it after the bozos at Voyetra cancelled it has been posted here. I figured it out the hard way 4 years ago and made the manual entries from REG 16 and REG 17 from my other PC to the one I reinstalled RPD. Then I took REG 16 and REG 17 and exported them in my back up HD.
Now when you install it in a XP, VISTA or W7 machine, click on the exported REG 16 and REG 17 aftter the installation. You may get the registration pop up, so just close it and there is is!

Just a tidbit, the reason I believe Sonar, Cakewalk or the other programs do not have the interface that RPD has is they believe no one is writing MIDI from scratch and the preference is to do loops and samples, crap that has made our popular music such junk! So the focus is sampling wavs, looping and maybe just a few notes here and there.

Screw them, screw Voyetra and that letter they sent cause I will be forever using this "unsafe" program! So always keep a back up of REG 16 and REG 17 in your back up folders!

looks like its the end of the road with dop and record producer

i was testing out record producer last night. Couple weeks ago picked up a Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium PCI Express. When i plugged the mic in and was testing out recording in melodyne, the sound was coming out after you'd speak. An echo.. turned off all the soundcard effect bells and whistles but it was still doing it. Something seemed wrong with the card but looking around the net sounds like they got latency issues. So i'm testing out in record producer and i'd have some midi dots and was testing out recording the what you hear to wav. I play it back and was sounding like an echo. Look at the wav and its showing up later. I said enough with this soundcard, but i gotta keep soundblaster cause gotta use the soundfont bank manager and creative vienna soundfont editor.. so kinda stuck. noticed a higher end card the X-Fi Titanium HD PCIe. Says "Pristine audio recordings with ultra low latency. ASIO recording support with latency as low as one millisecond and minimal CPU load for precise audio recordings." Ordered that today. Figured maybe there was some latency setting where i could fix this snafu.

Then today.. i took the card out and fired up the asrock motherboard integrated sound. Fire up the melodyne to test and recording the mic. Then i turned the mic off and wanted to play back what i recorded and record that on another track. I look at it and was a little bit behind and had an echo. Melodyne uses this asio4all recording driver and in the system tray by the clock there's an icon and you can adjust the latency buffer settings. The default is 512 samples.. i put it as low as it could, to 64 samples and it was almost in sync. To match it up you'd have to drag the wav a little bit left. ok good.. things can get in sync.

Now i go to the 'record producer'.. lets test out recording the mic. Then play that back and record what you hear and see what it looks like.. yeah getting an echo when i play both those back. Look at it, and its 0.08 sec behind. There's not any sort of latency setting in record producer.. so strike there.

Next i try some midi dots and record that in wav.. i play it back.. big echo. The wav is showing up like 0.25 sec later. I'm there wtf.. so i look at the midi dots as its playing and not getting any noise till later on in the notes. I look at it and yeah its recording what is hearing but seems like its not playing the notes till later. Its not so much a recording latency as the midi playing later.. its not all the dots that play in bad timing seems like your whole mix would just have to be moved that much to get it in sync with other wavs later. So it could technically work and could manage and work around it.

But thru all this i kept getting the grey screen flashes, as usual.. not the whole screen, just the working area.. so the top bar stays and the vertical midi keyboard stays along the left but that whole editing window section and the wav editing section, it all just goes solid grey whenever there's a screen flash every oh its at least every minute.. and it stays grey until you minimize the program. With dop i could have a blank notepad in another window and switch back and forth to that and it clears it up. With record producer here in windows 7 that doesnt clear it up and have to minimize and maximize rpd, then it loses track of what section you're at and gotta refind it. Or you could switch from the midi window to the wav and it'll clear it up.

And then i dont like how my mouse wheel does nothing in the midi editor. Then in the wav editor i'm trying to select data and wanna select more than whats visible in the window but it stops at the far right. Should be like forge where it keeps going.

Basicly, thats too many strikes. I was willing to work around this stuff but the latency issues and this grey screen covering.. i just cant take it anymore and dop's fired. Anybody know of any other multi track recording programs that are similar? cause i've got a mess on my hands here with a couple bookmarks on the desktop with google searches starting from scratch. I got 2-4 weeks till that card gets here.. i got a hunch i'll still have some kind of latency issues going on with it but what can i do, i'm just gonna work around it. Depressing. lol.. end of the road for the dop. I hung in there and tried to keep 'er goin but buck's stopped.

record producer colors

yeah that mainly black background with white stuff is like white font on black background.. gets annoying on the eyes, and you still see stuff when you look away. Noticed in the 'options' you can check to use 'windows colors' and you can adjust them over there.. i'll just leave the windows colors, its kinda bright though but thought i'd mention this in case you guys hadn't noticed you can change the colors.

found a patch that works for record producer

wow this is a long ordeal getting to this point.. heh-heh.. ok well lets give ya a bit of background.. think i paid 200 bucks for digital orchestrator plus back in the late 90's. Think it would crash in later years so was using digital orchestrator pro i found on the net. Then this past year wanted to start playing around with the tunes again.. well not sure what was causing it but dop would have these screen flashes and screen areas would go solid grey and the only way to clear it up would be to minimize and maximize. I'd have a blank notepad window i'd just switch back and forth to and it'd clear it up. Keeps doing it every couple minutes though and maybe less maybe more depending whats going on. Not sure whats causing it.

Thought, ok.. i gotta try the windows 7. Well i buy that and try to install dop says, naw, its 16 bit and we dont do that. lol. This past year too i upgraded the whole computer.. like i got a 3ghz quad core, ssd hard drive with no moving parts, 8gb ram.. 1gb ram video card.. i had a sound blaster live 24 bit but uh, naw.. end of service life cant use that in windows 7. Hard time finding drivers to just get noise. Meanwhile there was no midi in the volume. My parents computer i put vista on there and there was no midi in the mixer either. Looked into it a bit and seemed like since vista they phased out midi. ahh.. ok.. thats nice. Meanwhile for making music i'd take samples and make soundfonts with them and place midi dots instead of wav.. plus you can take midi files and replace note dots, cant do that with wav. Well, i went and bought this pci express x1 soundblaster sb x-fi card last week and that was right on when it had a midi mixer slider.. plus downloaded the soundfont bank manager. I had a creative vienna program but ah said 16 bit cant do it for ya.. dang.. well looked around and just one later version after well that one worked in windows 7. So i was almost there.. I had bought sound forge 4 back in the late 90's.. jeez.. several hundred dollars for the disk, plus i dunno couple hundred for the noise reduction. Can't use those, 16 bit.. well screw you guys.. so luckily was able to get the 10 and that worked. Was right on.. almost there. And then i had this version of melodyne that loaded. Think months ago before the new soundcard, dont think that loaded.. or maybe it was the keygen or something that i thought didnt work, but looked around.. maybe it was for some other program but even though you're an admin, you still had to.. oh it was for forge.. yeah i thought it didnt work but you still had to right click and run as admin on the keygen. Then it went.

Anyways.. all that was missing was the multi track recording program. Have a couple search pages looking around for stuff and was like.. ugh.. testing new software.. i'm used to the dop layout like come on. Went and got the mixcraft today and started it up and took a look at the layout and went, oh my god.. and closed it.. hahaha.. i'm there, no i gotta look into this dop thing. Maybe something where i can run the 16 bit or who knows. Then as i was surfing around seen somebody mention record producer. Remember checking that out but didnt like the black background and white writing and you look away and still sorta see shapes. I dunno.. but yeah then i tested out the demo and was there, right on.. it works in windows 7! heh-heh!!.. but then i get here at the hitsquad and yeah not so good news once nobody can get past the demo expiring in 7 was looking like. Plus i was there, enough i'll just buy it.. but ya can't!!! like so stupid that even if you wanted to, its gotta get the authorization code from them first.. and they're defunct. like come on. what a runaround.. if you're gonna shut 'er down, ya schmucks at turtle beach, let it be free or something.. jeez.. what a run-around.

So i was trying out these registry cleaner programs to maybe be able to uninstall the demo and be able to reinstall it every month.. hey at least it would work. Naw.. nothing in the AppData folder either you can take out. I was starting to give up but thought of looking thru crack sites. Found one but it wasnt for record producer deluxe.. it was just record producer. Plus ya gotta get the same version. Had a hard time finding both of them.. like earlier today if nobody on here at hitsquad mentioned that 4shared to find that deluxe demo, i wouldnt have found it on the net.. thats how bad it is.

So yeah i found a crack and sounds like it works.. look for "Record_Producer_5.01.5000_patch_by_FOFF" and look for "Record Producer 5.01".

Then i fire 'er up and testing things out and getting that grey screen stuff going on again! aaaahhhh.. everything in the comp is new but its still doing that! hahaha i dont care though.. after this being faced with having to use some lame duck multi track program, i'll gladly put up with this and switch the window to the notepad to clear it up and swich back. i dunno though.. might have a peek around at what kind of other programs are out there. Anyways guys.. there ya go..

Record Producer Deluxe

It looks like RPD is working on Win 7,it plays my .rrp files. I have to figure out the settings for recording on a new sound card.

I will try to put the process down for editing the regfile and post it. It is not hard but you have to be careful!

Record Producer Deluxe

I may have gotten RPD to work on Win7, the word "Trail" is out of the top bar but like on XP on exit it still says 25 days left and counting down. On XP it says O days left and still running. We will see when it hits O days on W7. I will post the results.

I also have two Reg17's that I edited which I think came when I installed it on Program Files (x86) deleted it then just to Program Files.

Take notice of path on each fix.



Voyetra Digital Orchestrator

Do you know where I can actually download any version of the Voyetra Digital Orchestrator? I tried the download link with hitsquad but its asks for me to sign in as a voyetra member. I don't even know where to begin on that one. Once I get at least a demo version i can google some cracks to get it working...

I Have A Copy of The CD ROM demo Version

Anyone Wanting A Copy Of My DOP Can Just Send a email reply And I Will request your mailing Address And Send It To You. Thanks


Just extract files and double click on the icon.

To get it

Go to and do a search you should find it there

Voyetra Digital Orchestrator

I have a copy of Voyetra Digital Orchestrator Pro with Product Id:
It was nice but it ran on Win95 and I think Win98 and maybe XP but there was a reason I upgraded to RPD.
Forgot why?
What is the rule on copy rights seeing that Voyetra drop all of us faithful patrons and screwed us over because they sold out.

Jim P.

Record Producer Deluxe

I did the work around with XP, editing the reg17 file, works so far. The word trial is no longer at the top but I still get the message when I exit "not activated"
I have a new computer with Win7 that runs the trial but I can't activate it so if anyone who has the zip file mention in the earlier post could e-mail it to me at( it would be really appreciated!

Jim P.

If anyone still has any

If anyone still has any problem getting RPD to work. Let me know. I can maybe help.


i have voyetra record

i have voyetra record producer with serial. but i cannot register because voyetra web is out of service now. so please help me to find a crack or anything else. , thanks


Hello all,
I thought I’d give you my solution :

1) You need to open Regedit on your pc. If you do a search in programs and files, you should be able to find it.
2) Go to
3) Enter manually those codes instead of the other ones. I tried copy/paste, but didn’t work.


5) Save it

That should be working. Good luck to all!

I was following your instructions well, but

there was no Voyetra after [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\

Is this fix for Windows XP?

Is this fix for Windows XP?

I appreciate your work here. If this is indeed the fix for XP, could you please go into more detail from start to finish on how to get this into the Registry safely for those of us with limited experience in that field. I also have Audio Station 6 which seems to be in the same registry as Record Producer Deluxe.

I too appealed to Turtle Beach for their elusive Activation Code and was basically told to move into "the new decade". I have used that copy if Record Producer Deluxe since 2005 with no glitches whatsoever. Late last month I did contract some Malware which SpywareHammer helped me to fix. Sadly, but I don't know positively if it was related, Record Producer wanted to re-register.

Here is my letter to them:
I purchased Record Producer Deluxe Item # VTS-6025-100 back in 2005. Last week, after fixing a Malware problem, unrelated to Record Producer, when I clicked on it's shortcut to open it, it wanted to register itself again.
I entered my # - - -
It needs an Activation Code I am supposed to acquire from you.
Record Producer Deluxe appears to still be in my computer. I right click on it and click on 'properties' and it shows 12.7 MB and 838 Files, 1 Folder. I also have the installation cd but I'm thinking it would still want to register it and I would still need the Activation Code. I registered this back when I purchased it. Can you please give me the necessary code or a work around to get this up and running again as I make my living off my midi music and Record Producer Deluxe and need this a.s.a.p.
Thank you, Bill

Their Response:
Dear Bill,
Thank you for your interest in our legacy products and your request. As new Technologies were introduced, this old Software from 2005 after many years of successful run it became obsolete, reached the end-of-life and it was discontinued already many years ago. It does not support new systems and technologies, so even if it were possible to Register/Activate it again, we would kindly advise not even to attempt to install in new or rebuilt systems, because it will not function and then it may cause more problems than it is worth it. Especially in Windows Vista, Windows 7, or any 64-bit systems. At this point in time, even in Windows XP after all the Windows Updates, it will not function properly, and it may render your system vulnerable to viruses.

As you know, computer products are designed to be compatible with Windows Systems that are available when these products are developed. Using older products in newer systems can generate unpredictable and often undesirable results, this is why we had to discontinue it. Therefore, we assume no responsibility if your new or recently rebuilt system becomes unstable while you try to use this Software in unsupported Technologies.

Unfortunately this product has not been replaced and the entire line of the Voyetra Software and MIDI products was discontinued a while ago and we no longer develop, sell or support these products. As times have changed, we were also compelled to change our business to Gaming Headphones for the "Xbox 360" and the "Sony Playstation 3": Unfortunately the entire "Voyetra" line of Software products does not exist anymore.

We do apologize for any inconvenience and we appreciate your understanding but just in case you're interested here's a suggestion for you: Moving ahead to the future, for trouble-free computing, we recommend to consider the Cakewalk products:
They provide a complete line of MIDI / Audio Sequencing Software products, that they regularly update to accommodate new technology innovations and needs.

Turtle Beach Support Team

And my response:
Re: " It does not support new systems and technologies, so even if it were possible to Register/Activate it again, we would kindly advise not even to attempt to install in new or rebuilt systems, because it will not function and then it may cause more problems than it is worth it. Especially in Windows Vista, Windows 7, or any 64-bit systems. At this point in time, even in Windows XP after all the Windows Updates, it will not function properly, and it may render your system vulnerable to viruses."
Sadly, you're not addressing those of us who still use this program with the operating systems we had when we originally purchased your product. I never once mentioned what you insinuate in your reply about installing it in a new or rebuilt system. And mine has been running with no problems until I acquired some malware which left your program in my machine but just started it's registration cycle over again.

You are well aware of all the people who are dissatisfied with this answer you give. Your track record of customer, (that's people who give you $$ for quality products and customer service) service seems non existent except for your readiness to push other products on us. I join the ranks of others who can't understand why you can't maintain a server to re-register in cases like this or a program to by-pass it. I also join the ranks of those who refuse to purchase from you ever again.

I hope the intended class action suit comes to fruition in this matter. Your apologies are not accepted. Thanks for nothing, as if you really care.

Sincerely with deepest regrets for such a pitiful company regarding customer satisfaction and service.

And their response:
Dear Bill,
"Thanks for nothing, as if you really care."
The fact that you are receiving prompt replies with detailed explanation although we have officially discontinued support and development of Software products many years ago suggests otherwise.

We are well aware of dissatisfied customers who will not "let go" of old, dated and 'unsafe' Software that has not been updated for many years. We have also been receiving many more favorable comments, thanking us for informing them of potential risks when using old and out of date Software. Although we no longer support this Software, it is our responsibility to make customers aware of potential problems, even if it appears to be functioning. We have had Customers who claimed that our dated Software rendered their system vulnerable to viruses, because it has not been updated for years in order to 'cope' with current Technologies as well as threats. We cannot take such a responsibility, especially since we no longer have any Technicians capable of providing help for any of our Software products, so please let us move onto the new decade.

Turtle Beach Support Team

And my last response to them:
Dear Stanley Turtle Beach Support Team ,

Your "prompt replies" have the wrong motive and produce negative reactions. (my demeanor)
Ever occur to you that "some of us" used that program exclusively on a laptop to run our backing tracks AND THAT WAS ALL WE USED THAT LAPTOP FOR, NOTHING ELSE, NO INTERNET, NO NOTHING BUT RECORD PRODUCER.
No need to update anything in that laptop. They are dedicated exclusively to run the program Record Producer to edit the midis I USED to use to back up my band with.
If it ain't broke don't fix it..........quote from decades ago.
I read where your earbuds are pretty much useless too. Go figure. "any Technicians capable of updating this software or providing help"?

Is your CEO aware of all of us " dissatisfied customers who will not "let go" of old, dated and 'unsafe' Software that has not been updated for many years. "
Unless you're going to supply a fix to this problem or refund me my $78, refrain from sending me any more of your useless emails. Don't even answer this one.

"the new decade" means screw the old fashioned way of service for the PAYING customer..........

And so they win again by frustrating you to the point of quitting all dialogue with them. Anyway, if you could please supply more detail in getting this code into the Registery safely, I, for one would be eternally grateful.
Thanks, Bill

aaaw, c'mon now

some one sold the code to cakewalk, either that or you've infringed on cakewalk's program codes.
hahahaha so now you have a restraining order fro some of those gooks.
Hey can't anonymous at least show and tell?

Can't Register Product

Hi Robby

I bought the software Midi Edition a long time ago and have never used or registered.
I still have the product code. According to this website, I am out of luck. Is this true?


RP Deluxe

Hi Robby - I downloaded a trial version and wanted to purchase but then the company said they don't have the product key #. Can you help me?

Hello Nancy. Sorry for the

Hello Nancy. Sorry for the delay. Not sure, but I might. Write me at I'll see what I can do.

I can't get my RPD to work

I can't get my RPD to work on my Windows XP. I bought it a while ago, used it up until last year when I had some problems with my computer. When I attempted to re-access RPD, it asked for a key, I actually had the key on an old email, but it couldn't be registered. If you may be able to help Robby let me know.

I might... not sure but I

I might... not sure but I can give it a try. I found this website to be helpful: . If that doesn't help, write me at my address below. Thanks. Oh and one question: does RPD has reverb effect for audio? I don't on mine and I am wondering if that is normal. Thanks again.

Record producer Deluxe

By the way, I couldn't get the file, that is why my problem still isn't solved. Thanks to all. Hope I can get Record producer Deluxe to work!

After long break i decided

After long break i decided to install Record Producer Deluxe again.. but after installation i encountered a problem with registration. I just can't believe, that Turthe Beach discontinued this software just after 2 years i purchased the lisence and there is no official support for problem!!! Im really really angry and i don't know what to do. I paid for the software and i expect able to use it. I need this software and im really waiting for solution. Please help us!

activation code

I have a New PC...I buy the Record producer Deluxe...and I can't make the registration...
I Have my ID....
Help me please


hello Model XG,
Write me on I have a question for you. Thanks,

Same problem.

I do have the same problem here. I am wondering if it would work using the registration file from the Orchestrator plus from Voyetra (an older version) to make Record producer Deluxe work. If so, I would post the file. If anyone know the answer or has a solution, let me know.

Record Produce files - years of work gone because of TB

The trend to use the Internet to unlock software is now coming back to haunt us. This problem will get worse, not better, as the Internet registration concept will guarantee obselescene in software.

Here's what I'm going to tell the CEO/President of TB via registered mail: The EULA governing our business relationship, the one you say is binding, does not expire. Thus, you are legally obligated to provide me the means to use the software for which I purchased a license.

This really needs to go to class action. The commercial software companies are getting away with outright larceny. I can't wait until I have to register a license for my car to work. (Don't say that too loud.)



The Fix

Copy and paste the following into your web browser it would take you to the solution i fixed it 30/January/2014 shear with others, Turtle Beach Really screwed us over but neverthe less all is well.

The Fix

The 4shared link is inactive now. Would you mind too much, if you still have it, sending me the file you had up there? Voyetra_RecProd_Deluxe_5__with. is how you had it named on 4shared.

My e-mail is jazzcatt (at) gmail ... and you know the rest ;-)
I just want to make sure I have a copy that will work, even though I still do have a working copy on an XP machine.
Cat >^..^<

Making Record Producer Work

Okay for those who are looking for a solution and are on Vista/Windows 7

1. Make sure Record Producer is Closed

2. Download and unzip the working setup file -

3. Run RegEdit - Goto the following folder: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Voyetra\Setup and use the right-click menu to rename it. (This just saves the key in case a mistake is made).

4. On the main menu on the RegEdit window, select File > Import > Navigate to location where the .reg file was saved in step 1 > Click Open

5. The .reg file will be save to your drive.

6. You should now be able to launch RP.

Good luck and be prosperous

Follow-Up - Those Needing the Setup File

Hello All,

I am not sure why RP/Turtle would remove the file from file but I you still need the file that I originally posted, post your email and I will email it to you!

Please, send me the Set-up file,

my e-mail address is, thank you.

Record Producer


I used to have Record Producer on my computer, until my hard drive died. I lost everything; pictures, music, RP music, etc. Well, I got a new hard drive and downloaded RP again, but I don't have my registration code anymore. Would that site that you suggested work for my situation?

Thank you,

Record Producer

I forgot to mention that I'm running Windows XP.


Same here. I use Cubase for

Same here. I use Cubase for plenty of things, but have always found Record Producer easier to use

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