Redline Reverb v1.0.9
by 112dB
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VST/RTAS host application.

Last Updated: 2014-11-21
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Software Description

Redline Reverb is a musical reverb based on a completely new and original concept that excels in both warmth and transparency at extremely low CPU usage, according to 112dB. Its core algorithm is based on the Rev-6 and Space Master Reaktor ensembles by Martijn Zwartjes. With its many sound enhancements, an intuitive and attractive new user interface, and much optimized CPU usage, Redline Reverb represents the next generation of these celebrated algorithms.

Redline Reverb is a fully algorithmic and true stereo reverb with possibilities far beyond the conventional - check out the 112 factory presets for a comprehensive showcase of what it can do. Unlike conventional algorithmic reverbs, Redline Reverb does not need separate plate, hall, and room algorithms. Instead it features a comprehensive yet intuitive parameter set that allows you to easily recreate any given reverb characteristic, leaving you free to create lush smooth vocal reverbs, convincing room simulations, almost infinite reverb tails, synth pad and delay effects, and everything in between.

112dB say that you will find that its separate early/late reverb sections and modulation options make it an excellent choice for expensive hardware-style reverbs, while its extensive tweakability renders it equally suited for more experimental reverb and delay effects.

Changes in v1.0.9

  • New AAX format

Changes in v1.0.7beta

  • Larger GUI for easier reading on high resolution screens.
  • Bugfix: VST version didn't automate in Ableton Live.
  • Bugfix:renamed presets weren't saved correctly in the host program
  • Bugfix:modulation frequency knob set modulation speed incorrectly
  • Bugfix:projects created with Redline Reverb 1.0.1 didn't load with the right settings
  • Bugfix:numeric editing of knobs without giving an 'enter' could lead to a GUI freeze in RTAS.

Changes in v1.0.6

  • Enhanced sound quality on higher sample rates.
  • Peak light got stuck at a local maximum on MAC OS.
  • Knob & slider parameters didn't show up correctly in native editors and external controllers.
  • Presets weren't updated in the native editor/external controllers in Cubase.
  • Deformed input meter on mono tracks in ProTools.

Changes in v1.0.4

  • Dry/Wet Mix and Output Gain settings not saved with projects.
  • VST version loads faster in certain hosts.
  • Fixed loading problem in Live 8. After installing this update you may have to re-authorize Redline Reverb.
  • Fixed two issues with reverb tails in Reaper.
  • Resuming playback in Logic caused earlier reverb tails to sound.
  • Option to disable tooltips wasn't remembered after closing the plugin.
  • The installer mistakenly warned about Windows 7 not being supported.

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