Rhyme Genie v6.0
by Idolumic
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File Size: 185 MB
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Registration: US$24.95

System Requirements:

Intel-based Mac, Mac OS X 10.6 (or higher), 700 MB hard drive space

Last Updated: 2014-01-01
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Software Description

Rhyme Genie is the ultimate rhyming dictionary for songwriters, lyricists, poets, rappers, jingle writers, copywriters and wordsmiths alike.

Instantly find perfect rhymes as easily as entering a word and flex Rhyme Genie's muscle with a powerful intelligent rhyme algorithm. Change from one-syllabic to multi-syllabic rhymes with a single click and see a wealth of near rhymes appear by simply decreasing the similarity in sound. Command a freely scalable dictionary with more than 9 million phonetic references and break through creative bottlenecks with one of the largest collections of American sayings, idioms, popular names, places and trademarked brands. Create song hooks, advertising slogans, headlines and titles by searching for phonetic similarities or exact word matches.

Has over 300,000 entries exceeding 170,000 phrases, 35,000 proper nouns and 48,000 titles of charted songs.

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Changes in v6.0

  • The rhyming dictionary has been optimized: More than 34,000 phonetic references have been refined and a number of erroneous entries have been corrected.
  • The wordfilter has been expanded: Over 61,000 entries have been newly classified to allow you to limit rhyme mates to words and phrases with positive or negative connotations.
  • The graphic interface has been optimized: The overall performance of Rhyme Genie has been improved. PC users will benefit from full compatibility with Windows 8.1 while Mac users will benefit from full compatibility with OS X 10.9 (Mavericks).

Changes in v5.0

  • Added more than 15,000 new entries to the rhyming dictionary
  • Now with over 5000 traditional proverbs and major country hit songs of the last 50 years.
  • The total number of entries now exceeds 327,000 while the phonetic references have grown to ten and a half million.
  • Added over 110,000 new entries to the syllable-matching thesaurus.
  • Syllable-matching synonyms can now be looked up whenever the traditional thesaurus is selected.
  • Updated the graphic user interface to take advantage of Apple's new high resolution Retina Display

Changes in v4.0

  • TuneSmith integration
  • Added over 20,000 new artist names to its database
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