RiffShare 1.0.1
by RiffShare
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Operating System:
File Size: 4 MB
License Conditions:
System Requirements:

200Mhz, 32 Mb of RAM, IE 5.x installed including Windows Media Player 6.x or above, LAN connection (if you want to share), Always on Internet (if you want to get info), 24bit True Color and 1024x768 resolution

Last Updated: 2000-10-01
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Software Description

RiffShare turns a network of computers on a LAN into a network of digital jukebox players, enabling instant sharing of music from computer to computer. Each RiffShare user has access to the music play-lists of every other RiffShare user, so just as a you access your own content using artist, album, genre, and custom play-lists, you can access content from any other machine on the network using the same lists.

If you are in an office or on a college campus or dorm you need RiffShare. Just download and install it to start sharing MP3s with your friends.


  • Peer-to-Peer networking, no server required
  • Complete MP3 JukeBox, including
  • Support for ID3 V1 and V2 Tags
  • Auto MP3 library generation into artist, album, genre, and custom play-lists
  • Play-list create/edit/delete
  • Instant MP3 sharing across the network
  • Auto find of other RiffShare users on the network
  • Supports .m3u play-lists

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Trying to download RiffShare 1.0.1 - has it been moved?

What's Up

I downloaded riffshare, but everytime i try to load the program it say's error has occured and it also says invalid key! What should I do?

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