Right Note 1.4
by Orange Qube
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Universal. Runs on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later

Last Updated: 2012-06-06
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Software Description

Right Note is an ear training application that will help you in learning music notes recognition and improvisation. Learn interval and pitch recognition. Put those skills to use in melody dictation where you identify the notes of a random melody. Use the microphone to play using your own instrument to really get the feel.

Right Note is a highly configurable ear trainer so you can tailor it to your needs. It also offers lessons for each exercise mode to guide you through. Also there is a training mode so you can listen to given intervals and notes before and during a lesson so you aren't just trying to answer question after question.

If you have learned all intervals already but somehow can't use it in real situations then try the "intervals in context". There you will be guessing intervals but in a context with a random note before and/or after the interval. You will be surprised how much it makes a difference.

- Four exercise modes: Interval, Interval in context, Pitch and Melody
- Highly customizable settings
- Note range from C1 to C8
- Lessons for all modes, from beginner to expert
- Learn from your mistakes: retry all you want or use the show answer option
- Train listening to random intervals and pitch to get the feel
- Choose between controllers for a different approach: pads, full keyboard, "octave" keyboard
- Easily scrollable keyboard with a visual scrollbar showing the full keyboard
- Music notation - choose between American or European notation and shift octave numbers
- Bonus virtual piano

- New way to answer instead of using GUI controls
- Great to get the feel of a live instrument
- Detects wide range of notes - from C1 to even C8
- Octave equivalence option
- Tested on pianos, guitars, flute, harmonica and other
- If you plug in a mic you can still use the built-in speaker

- Intervals from unison (P1) to octave (P8) plus compound intervals up to two octaves
- Ascending and descending intervals
- Melodic and harmonic intervals
- Root note range selection: scale + first and last possible note
- Pads controller and full keyboard controller
- Tempo selection

- Turn on a random note before an interval, after or both
- Hear true intervals "in context" instead of "just two notes"

- Note range selection: scale + first and last possible note
- "Octave" keyboard - for selecting the pitch from C to B without specifying the octave
- Full keyboard

- Number of notes played from 2 to 16
- Note range selection: scale + first and last possible note
- Change max interval limit between notes and from the first note
- Play back and modify your answer until satisfied
- "Poke Around" before answering
- "Silent answering" - turn off sounds when answering for full melody dictation experience
- Show/Hide first note
- Random note length - mix half, whole and double note lengths for variety
- Tempo selection

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