Punch v1.0.4
by Rob Papen
(Rob Papen Website)

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Demo version runs for 30 minutes at a time and for only 30 days only. Full License at at $179 - http://www.robpapen.com/license-terms-punch.html

System Requirements:

32 & 64 bits AU and VST and 32 bit RTAS for OSX 10.5 and higher, 32 bit AU, VST & RTAS for OSX 10.4 (Tiger)

Last Updated: 2013-11-13
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

With Punch, Rob Papen delivers a brand new speaker busting, body rattling software instrument. Punch delivers synthesized drums in the finest audio quality and with breathtaking features for the contemporary producer.

This video give a very good overview of Punch:

You can can use synthesis and the built in samples to create your own individual sounding drum-kit, and you can load your own samples into Punch. Your sounds can then be crafted using the features, filters and huge synth power we all know from other RP synthesizers.

Punch has a unique sound but also built in sequencers, allowing you the user to have multiple patterns at your finger tips. These grooves can be triggered in a live environment to build a song, but are also useful for jamming.

It also has a growing number of drum-kits built by 3rd party designers and famous DJ's which complete the arsenal of power that is Punch.

New in v1.0.4

  • 15% discount during November
  • More presets
  • More Drum presets
  • More Samples
  • More grooves
  • Three new tutorials

New in v1.0.3

  • Use any MIDI keys to trigger anything in Punch.
  • Drum preview muting or soloing via right clicking on the preview pad.
  • Key entry into sequencer via right click sequencer menu.
  • Tape Delay / Tape Flanger / Analogue Phaser effects.
  • MIDI Preset / Bank changes which can be turned on / off (back panel).
  • Global Sequencer Sync Off, so that all presets have sequencer syncing turned off.
  • Double clicking on dials / knobs set them to their default value.

New in v1.0.2

  • Set an external sample folder. To do so click on the "Menu" button in the sample file screen, here you can set the external sample folder, and also toggle between Punch's sample folder and this external sample folder.
  • Mute & solo functions. In the mixer screen, if you click on the drum labels you can turn on / off mute or solo any drum, or reset all the drums to normal status.
  • Better memory usage.
  • File button in the pattern manager screen which opens up the file manager in the pattern folder, so you can delete, rename folders, etc.
  • Added sample pitch & amp decay curves.
  • You can now load in 32 bit wav files.
  • Compatible with Mac Lion.
  • A few new presets inside the Dance 2, Filmscore and VoltageDisciple bank.
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