Roundtone v3.0
by SKnote
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AU/VST host application.

Last Updated: 2012-05-30
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Software Description

Rountone is a multitrack Tape emulation plugin with built-in delay


  • Roundtone is a tape emulation software.
  • It adds typical tape recording interesting side-effects to every audio track.
  • Useful on single tracks (mono/stereo) and on submixes/mixes.
  • Very light on CPU and latency-free, adds punch, color and gently compresses the sound.
  • Includes several algorithms (different tape, saturation curve, color, response). More to came in future free updates.
  • "Emphasis" control adds color while preserving the high frequencies.
  • Includes an optional 2nd stage of saturation (head).
  • Multi-track and Multi-machine modes. Link several tracks to the same Tape Machine to control from a single interface. Trasform any host to a virtual Multitrack Tape Recording system
  • Multimode oversampling (with optional "on export" mode for low cpu load). New Hi-Quality (non linear phase, IIR) and Super-Quality (linear phase, FIR) oversampling. Select "Now" modes for realtime, "Export" modes for rendering
  • 7.5ips algorithms and "Dirty" algorithms for more harmonics
  • Dry/wet mix knob with sample accurate alignment
  • Overload led for precise saturation

New in v3.0

  • New "Bright Formula" and "Lo-Fi" algorithms.
  • High frequency enhancer.
  • Wow and flutter.
  • Flange.
  • Stereo tape delay.
  • Noise.
  • New level meter.

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