BEATLE v0.9 Beta 5
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Last Updated: 2006-08-02
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Software Description

BEATLE (formally SAPS) is a new media player from the creator of AudioShaker (formally an Understealth product). BEATLE will allow users to play music, videos in an environment that is easy to use and offers an array of features that make media organisation extremely easy. Features such as Mass Tag Editing, Mass File Renaming, Media Library, CD Player, Multiple Playlists, Move Music To Folders, Send To Devices and lots more are included as standard and extra features are available to allow you to sort your media in any fashion you wish.

New in v0.9 Beta 5

  • WARNING: Some INI setting names have been changed, which means you may need to update your preferences.
  • Fixed a slow playing/stopping bug when large playlists are being used (and on the CD Player).
  • Sound device detection is now done on start-up (if a sound device is not found, BEATLE will close).
  • Recent Files and Recent Playlist entries are removed if they are found not to exist anymore.
  • The playing song alert window now allows you to re-open the main window when clicked.
  • Media files that are deleted physically from BEATLE are now sent to the Recycle Bin (optional, see 'Preferences').
  • Playlists that are opened, saved and accessed are added to the 'Recent Documents' menu in the Start Menu.
  • Recursive scanning on directories can now be turned off in the 'Preferences' window.
  • The 'Add Files' function can now only add a maximum of 100 songs from a folder selected.
  • The 'Next' and 'Previous' functions will only play songs if the player is currently playing (optional, see 'Preferences').
  • Fixed a fault with 'Repeat' and 'Repeat Once' not showing the song playing correctly in the playlist.
  • Fixed a fault on the 'Check For Updates' showing the 'Back' button enabled.
  • The 'Recent Files' and 'Recent Playlist' menus now show correctly formatted numbers.
  • Massive re-structuring on the methods used to create message boxes.
  • Expanded the 'Rename' window to allow better customisation of the new filename that will be used.
  • Fixed a small system tray tool tip problem, should not flicker and should display the correct message now.
  • System tray tool tips are now formatted differently (made better sense that way).
  • Fixed a fault that allowed filenames (once renamed) to contain invalid characters (causing naming faults, crashes).
  • Skipping playlists (by the buttons/menus) will only play the playlist if the setting is turned on (see 'Preferences').
  • Better error handling is now used in the player_Player() function.
  • Updated the error handling used in the 'Save As' feature in the 'Console' window.
  • Made sure the 'Console' uses the correct system icon.
  • Fixed a major fault with the Console window not remember its logs when opened/closed by the user.
  • Fixed a fault that caused changes in the 'Volumes' window to not be remembered.
  • Fixed a crash fault in the 'Preferences' window when an error is detected with the selected settings.
  • The INI settings file (settings.ini) is now created and formatted correctly on start-up.
  • Fixed a fault with the default 'File Type' settings not being displayed correctly in the 'Preferences' window.
  • Added 'Window Settings' tab to the 'Preferences' window, with some additional settings.
  • You can now force the 'Console' window to remember the logs within each session of BEATLE (optional, see 'Preferences').
  • All 'Re-Center Window' menus with BEATLE are now simply named 'Center Window'.
  • Fixed some mistakes in the menu messages which are shown on the status bar's.
  • Fixed a major fault in the 'Mass Renamer' removing incorrect characters from the complete new path and filename.
  • Fixed slow file adding in the main window/media library (only single files selected are added to the recent files list).
  • Fixed a fault with the media library/main window not updating the recent files correctly.
  • Improved the working mode within the Editor windows.
  • Window objects cannot be used on editing windows if they are working (they are re-enabled after finishing).
  • There is now a 'Not to Include' section on the 'Jump' window (layout slightly updated as well).
  • Renamed 'Recent Files' to 'Recent Media', this makes more sense.
  • Added 'Selected: Copy TAG(s)' to the context menu for the main window (copies data to the clipboard).
  • Added 'Reset Play Counts' to the 'Tracking' window, which resets all of the play counts within the list.
  • Fixed a fault with the 'Edit Bookmarks' window not saving the list once dead filenames have been removed.
  • The playlist Selector on the main window will force update the playlists if a selected playlist is not found.
  • Made some minor changes to the 'Advanced Queue' window (option to close window instead of direct closing).
  • MAJOR: ID3v2 support has been added throughout the program (no short entry problems anymore).
  • The main window now has support for both ID3v1 and ID3v2 tagged playlists.
  • All of the Editing windows have been updated to support ID3v2 and ID3v1.
  • Fixed a fault in the 'Check For Updates' window that caused the entire program to crash when 'Next' is pressed twice.
  • The 'Playing' alert window not resizes according the music artist/title length and is correctly centred on the window.
  • Fixed a fault with the 'Playing' alert window not closing straight away when the player is stopped.
  • The 'Jump' window now has better error handling in the 'Find' button.
  • Added support to the 'Edit Tag' window to save Lyrics to MP3 files (must have a correct tag format).
  • Added extra support into the 'Edit Tag' window (Lyrics, Artist URL, Encoded By, etc).
  • Fixed a fault with the 'Volume' menu (system tray) locking the program when the 'Video' window is opened in full view.
  • The 'Video' window not remembers its size that the user has specified (only when the window is not in full mode).
  • Added a 'Pause/Play' button to the 'Video' window (users no longer have to switch back to the main window).
  • The 'Video' window now has Volume/Balance/Position controls available when the window is in Full mode.
  • Fixed a fault with the 'Editor' windows not correctly checking the file formats.
  • The 'Jump' window can now search for media that is not an MP3, MP2 or MP1 format (multi-media searching).
  • Fixed a fault with the 'Advanced Queue' window ignoring other formats of files other than MP3, MP2 or MP1 files.
  • No more orange/brown background colours for Text fields, instead it’s now a lighter blue (similar to PassX).
  • Moved the 'Global Hot Keys' editing window into the 'Preferences' window (much easier for new users).
  • Moved the 'Appearance' window (for customising how the main window is coloured) into the 'Preferences' window.
  • Fixed a massive fault with the 'Preferences' window not updating the maximum number of recent files that can be used.
  • Extended information about media files is now shown in the 'Edit Tag' window (size, file date, read-only, etc).
  • You can now set the player to use the longer Artist/Title/Year detected in a TAG (see 'Preferences' > Advanced).
  • Added a 'Lyrics' window (similar to how the 'Video' window works) which shows the lyrics from the ID3v2 information.
  • Added a settings that allows you to state if you want to use the Lyrics system or not (off by default).
  • Fixed a fault that caused the status bar messages to be displayed wrong when the context menu is used.
  • Added support to turn off playlist number padding (001 would be just 1 instead) via the 'Preferences' window.
  • Fixed a fault with the 'Media Library' not resizing its objects correctly.
  • Added 'Always on Top' support to the 'Media Library' and the 'CD Player' windows.
  • Added an option to clear the playlist when new files are added on start-up (see 'Preferences').
  • Added a new section to the 'Preferences' called 'Start-up Settings'. Moved some of the additional settings into this section.
  • Renamed 'Jump To Song' to 'Jump To Media', this makes better sense considering the changes in the software.
  • The main window now shows when the window is currently working (updating the list, removing dead entries, etc).
  • Added 'Jump to Track Number' support (acts very similar to the way 'Jump To Media' works).
  • Added a setting that allows the Video window (when playing videos) to open in full-view mode (see 'Preferences' > 'Advanced').
  • Fixed a fault that caused the wrong item in the playlist to be updated when added from the 'Recent Media' list.
  • Lots of code clean ups, improvements and tweaks.

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