SQ Midi Tools v1.0
by Sound Quest, Inc.
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Operating System:
File Size: 8.1 MB
License Conditions:

Registration US$89.00

System Requirements:

MIDI interface with Windows MIDI drivers

Last Updated: 2001-08-01
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Software Description

SQ Midi Tools is a complete set of 10 individual MIDI utility programs to aid, enhance, and improve your music making. They are: Drum Quest, Music Base, Midi Mapper, MidiXer Pro, Midi Pad, Midi Thru, Midi Viewer, Time Pad, Midi Analyzer, and Quick Send.

Some of the tools:

  • Drum Quest - Is a specialty sequencer which is specifically designed to quickly and easily create drum patterns or any other type of pattern based music.
  • MusicBase - Is a database program for organizing, searching, and displaying information about your MIDI and WAVE files.
  • MidiMapper - Is a powerful graphic real-time MIDI processing program.
  • MidiXer Pro - Is the utility to use for organizing and editing your MIDIX format System Exclusive files.
  • MidiPad - Is a full featured MIDI control pad.
  • MidiThru - Gives your computer global MIDI THRU capabilities.
  • MidiViewer - Is a powerful Real time Graphic MIDI event monitor that provides visually precise information about the activity on your MIDI system.
  • TimePad - Uses three different "panes" for performing music specific time calculations and conversions.
  • MidiAnalyzer - Is a comprehensive MIDI event monitor program.
  • QuickSend - Is a Midi Quest add-in utility which can transmit Sound Quest SysX files and MIDIX format files directly from disk to the appropriate instrument.

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