SampleTank Free 1.1.9
by IK Multimedia
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Last Updated: 2002-09-17
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

This version has been replaced by one at

SampleTank is the first instrument of this kind available for Protools Windows, combining a sophisticated sampler/synth engine with top-class multi-sampled sounds to build a powerful, fully-expandable, plug-in instrument.

SampleTank Demo and FreePiano have been unified in the new SampleTank FREE: a new version of SampleTank 1.1, able to play both the FreePiano and the demo-instruments.

SampleTank Free includes 2 full Acoustic Grand Piano instruments (a 7MB compressed and a 14MB non compressed version, the smallest acoustic piano found in SampleTank, sampled from a beautiful Steinway Grand Concert piano); and 16 demo instruments with limited range. More free instruments will be published monthly.

SampleTank 1.1 FREE needs to be authorized after installation (follow instructions).

Users of SampleTank FreePiano or SampleTank Demo must download the new SampleTank 1.1 Free to play all the free and demo instruments simultaneously.

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