SampliTron v1.0
by Zeta Centauri
(Zeta Centauri Website)

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File Size: 38.2 MB
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Registration: US$19.00

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Last Updated: 2010-02-03
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

SampliTron is a standalone software sampler designed for live play. It does not need a plugin host application and no additional software or hardware is required to run it. It uses the DirectX XAudio2 libraries and should work on any Windows computer less than 7 years old.


  • Control via external MIDI device.
  • Notes can be played using the computer keyboard.
  • Can generate MIDI controller data and be used to control external devices.
  • Keyboard configurable to show from 3 to 7 octaves.
  • Allows detailed splits with a different sample for each key.
  • Allows using .WAV samples of different bit depths and sample rates.
  • Automatically scales pitch of loaded samples.
  • Auomatically generates keyboard splits.
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