Samplifier 1.1 b1 (beta)
by Sonosphere / Doug Wyatt.
(Sonosphere / Doug Wyatt. Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 264 K
License Conditions:

Registration: $20

System Requirements:
Last Updated: 1997-03-15
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

  • Exchange sound files between your computer and Roland S-760 or DJ-70MkII sampler over SCSI.
  • Transfer sound files between your computer and other sampler using the MIDI Sample Dump standard.
  • Utility functions save time when working with an S-760 or DJ-70MkII.
  • Reads AIFF and 'snd' sound file formats; writes AIFF files.
  • Uses OMS for reliable MIDI communication with any Mac MIDI interface.
  • Free 30-day evaluation; inexpensive $20 registration fee.

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Can't get it to work for s20

I am using a mac G4 cube OS9 and want to send aiff ( or .wav or Sound Designer II ) files to my Akai s20 via Midi Dump ( the only option ather than Akai format disk for inputting data . I have tried for some hours with the demo version, but can't get a sample into the s20. Has anyone succeeded?

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