Samplisizer 1.2
by Overgamer&Sun
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Operating System:
File Size: 12.11 MB
License Conditions:

Time Unlimited Demo. Registration Fee - US$49.90

System Requirements:

450 MHz PIII processor, Windows-compatible 16 Bit sound card, 64 Mb RAM, 300 Mb free on HDD, Microsoft Win 98, Me, 2000, or XP, True-Color 1024x768 Display Mode

Last Updated: 2003-11-07
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Software Description

Samplisizer is a powerful multi-level tool, enabling each user to comfortably work on his or her own level ranging from simple drag*n*dropping loops to creating one’s own tunes, tracks and drum-loops.

More than 3,500 elaborate loops are carefully composed, *four-to-the-floor* club music consistent, and harmonically fit each other so that even a random mix in the workspace produces an incredibly sophisticated outcome. Use a wide variety of internal and external loops and samples both in *wav and in *mp3 formats. Samplisizer is a reliable partner and enjoyable companion in realizing your music potential!

What can I do with Samplisizer?

  • Immediately create professional music no matter if you have done it before or not
  • Create your own compositions belonging to the most popular club styles, using more than 6,500 club style consistent loops and samples from Samplisizer library
  • Create your own tracks and loops based on internal library samples or other imported (wav, mp3) samples
  • Record your vocal or instrumental parts directly in Samplisizer to the accompaniment of the music you have written
  • Arrange or remix existing compositions by adjusting *bpm* with high precision ranging from 60 to 240
  • Work with projects of unlimited length and use samples and loops of an unlimited length
  • Export projects to the *wav* format with CD quality

General features

  • Easy create music using a simple "drag-and-drop" style interface
  • Use unlimited tracks of audio and make projects with unlimited length
  • Add third-party *mp3* files and songs to your project
  • Use external audio channels in real time mode
  • Use an unlimited number of loops with automatic tempo matching
  • Import audio files in *wav*, *mp3*, and *ncp* formats
  • Preview loops in real time before adding them to your project
  • Edit Samplisizer library audio loops and create your own loops using samples we provide or imported ones
  • Change *bpm* in bounds of [60-240] without loosing of quality of the original loops

Editing features

  • Set graphic Fade and Panorama for each channel
  • Change the pitch or tempo of an entire project
  • Set resolution of an entire project up to 1/64 of measure
  • Adjust position of loops and samples with required accuracy
  • Set individual volume (0-200%) on each channel
  • Create regions (selected areas) and make them active/passive
  • Import new loops and samples and place them to any section of the loop library

What's new in Samplisizer 1.2?

  • Added automatic tempo matching algorithm for wave/mp3 files
  • Added HTTP notification feature
  • Improved the equalizer speed
  • Improved auto-on channel feature
  • Added Western (ISO) char set to Sz fonts
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