Sanford Auto Filter v1.0
by Sanford Sound Design
(Sanford Sound Design Website)
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VST host application.

Last Updated: 2008-10-07
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Software Description

The Sanford Auto Filter represents a classic auto filter. An auto filter uses an envelope follower to track the dynamics of your playing. It uses these dynamics to modulate the filter's cutoff frequency. The effect is much like a "wah-wah" pedal only instead of you controlling the filter manually, the auto filter takes care of modulating the filter for you. The harder/louder you play a note, the more the filter opens up. As the note fades, the filter slowly closes. This effects adds an element of expression to your playing.

The Sanford Auto Filter gives all of the features you'd expect in an auto filter and much more. An LFO is provided as a modulation source in addition to the envelope follower. Also, the modulation wheel, expression pedal, and channel pressure can be used as modulation sources allowing you to directly control filter modulation. Two modulation sources can be used at the same time creating rich and deep sounds.

Key Features:

  • Three filter types: Lowpass, Highpass, and Bandpass.
  • Two modulation sources can be used at the same time.
  • Envelope follower can have negative polarity to create an "ow" effect.
  • The LFO can be synchronized to the tempo.
  • The LFO has a spread mode that enhances a stereo effect.
  • Several MIDI controllers can be used as modulation sources.
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