Sawteeth PPC 1.2
by Jonas Norberg
(Jonas Norberg Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 97K
License Conditions:
System Requirements:

PPC R4.5

Last Updated: 2001-05-28
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Sawteeth is a soft-synth (with tracker) for BeOS. Create cool synth sounds to use in a squencer or cute chip-tunes. Sawteeth use generated waveforms to create alsorts of sounds.

The sound synthesis is of high quality with no aliasing noise, 44kHz and float precision. Modulation rate is static for a song but can be anything above 0.673Hz


  • Retro feel, all the way.
  • All your favourite waveforms
    • Saw
    • Square
    • Triangle
    • Noise
  • Filter with many modes
  • Clipping with many modes
  • 'ADSR' for filter and amp

In this version:
Fixed bugs:

  • When deleteing a channel volume controls are moved also
  • Removed duplicate shortcuts (to Close and Optimise)
  • Changed behaviour of damping (previosly it wasn't 'synced')
  • New channels are zoomed as they should
  • Channels are unmuted before saving


  • Sinus waveform
  • Sinus with jitter
  • Triangle with jitter
  • Optimized waveform generation
  • Right-side loop-point
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