ScaleMaster 2.0.0
by RoGame Software
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File Size: 13.8 MB
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System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later, 64-bit processor

Last Updated: 2011-12-13
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Software Description

ScaleMaster is a Mac application to help you master musical scales.

ScaleMaster is a full featured musictuition program that has over 200 scale types notated in four different clefs. It will help you familiarize yourself with the basic scales, and then move up the ladder to achieve mastery of various positions and chords within the scales.

ScaleMaster offers four virtual instruments that are fully playable to help with the visualization of scales. It also has a chord matching feature which will give you an extensive list of chords per scale.


  • 211 scale definitions
  • 4 different scale views (up, down or 2 combinations)
  • virtual bass, guitar, mandolin and piano instruments
  • alto, bass, tenor and treble clefs
  • adjustable positions for all instruments
  • adjustable tuning for all string instruments
  • fully supports landscape and portrait orientations
  • lockable interface
  • semitone indicators
  • scale rating, scale type indicator (i.e. pentatonic)
  • support for left-handed players
  • chord/scale matching
  • intuitive interface with movable setting dialogs
  • displays note names, scale index or degree
  • adjustable playback directions (up, down, up-down, down-up)
  • high quality bass, guitar, mandolin and piano samples
  • support for sound libraries
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