SciFi CoolEdit Plugin v1.0c
by Hyperdynelabs
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Last Updated: 2003-06-15
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Software Description

The SciFi plugin is used with CoolEdit, a powerful sound file editor from Syntrillium software. The SciFi plugin allows you to transform your voice into alien-like voices, comm traffic, monsters, helmeted villians, etc. and even generate chirping tones that mimic those wacky, movie scifi computers. The plugin is compatible with CoolEdit 96, 2000, and Pro 1.2 versions (not tested under CoolEdit Pro 2.0).

This plugin is useful for creating voice effects that have been used in the movies such as:

    True Lies

  • Star Wars
  • Return of the Jedi
  • Armageddon
  • BattleStar Galactica
  • and also in PC video games such as Freespace, FreeSpace 2, and Battlezone II.

The SciFi Deluxe plugin is actually 4 plugin effects in one package! The plugin contains the following effects:

  • Alienator plugin - create alien voices
  • Communicator plugin - create comm traffic and walkie talkie type voices
  • Deepenator plugin - create monster and villian type voices
  • Cylonator plugin - create robot type voices

The new SciFi deluxe plugin includes a tab-delimited dialog box, one for each plugin effect listed above. It will be able to produce many more voice effects effects such as: Nasa space shuttle comm traffic, NASA Houston control comm, stormtrooper comlink, Dark Lord voice, monster voice, battle droid voice, Cylon-like voice, and other alien voices.

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