Scratch Me
by Antoine Monnet
(Antoine Monnet Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 105 K
License Conditions:

Full program, RegisteBox every 2 minutes, price 20$ or 100 FF

System Requirements:

Pentium 120 at least, Windows runtime, 16 MB RAM & a soundcard.

Last Updated: 1998-12-29
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

This tool play a wave, changing its pitch, its speed in realtime. Load any wave (even a CD quality one ) and play it as if it were a vinyl, and more: like in the most recent CD PLayer, you can choose Master Tempo to keep the common pitch. But there is more: you also can change the pitch, independtly of the speed. AND, Of course you have an access to the entry points of your wave. AND there is a big jog to get the beat or to scratch. AND, as a bonus, you can record instantly from a device and play it back. AND, you have a filter AND you have a distorsion AND ANd And And.

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Re: i need glide2x.dill to play quake

: please send me glide2x.dill so i can play n64 games on my computer!!!

i need glide2x.dll today! :)

: please send me a glide2x.dll file for glquakeworld. i had it all working but suddenly it has stoped. i would apperciate it if you could let me know where to get a glide2x.dll from.

Re: i need glide2x.dll

: please send me a glide2x.dll file for Test Drive off road 2.

Re: i need glide2x.dll

: please send me a glide2x.dll file for ultaHLE

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