SereneSound 0.9.13
by Charles V. Balch
(Charles V. Balch Website)

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File Size: 2.97 MB
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Last Updated: 2001-07-01
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Software Description

SereneSound is a free, intuitive and efficient application that enables your computer's sound system to create an ambiance of pleasant and relaxing sounds. With SereneSound, you can obscure and mask unwanted and distracting environmental noise such as traffic, conversations or even your neighbor's unwanted music.

Currently available sounds include Light Waves, Heavy Waves, Light Rain, Heavy Rain, Stream, Waterfall, Fire, Blizzard, Hurricane, White Noise, Pink Noise, and Brown Noise.

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serene sound

the self extractor gets to 78% then freezes, i have to restart my computer. any ideas on how to get the programme to work?

Re: serene sound

Sorry you had the problem Emma. Please read the help area at the website. The problem is you have another app running that uses the DirectX resources. The solution is to use the basic form of SereneSound install that assumes you have DirectX installed.


Great application! Thanks for posting it.

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